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Jay DiMartino

What to get Dad on Father's Day

By June 12, 2011

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Father's Day is just a week away, and kids of surfing dads all over are wondering what to do to prove to dear ol' Dad that he really means something...that all those rides to the beach and nuggets of advice (as well as the occasional kick in the right direction) are truly appreciated. Well, forget about gifts. Gifts are hollow. Sure, a new board would stoke his fire, but it means nothing. It's too easy. Gifts are what the T.V. says Dad wants. Ignore the T.V. The bottom line is that Dad wants you. He wants a little of your time. All those years you pulled wheelies, popped ollies, and tried to get good grades to get his attention have come full circle. He wants your attention now. Take your dad surfing. That's all he wants, for real. Sure, a fat lunch won't be sneezed at, but a nice day at the beach with Pops will go into the vault and stretch a real smile across his face.

Dad doesn't surf? Then teach him how to surf. Remember all those awesome sports stories he told you? He's an athlete, so get him out in the water to show him what you do. Show him what makes you happy. It will be a memory that will last forever (make sure to get pictures of the wipeouts, the rash, the sunburn, the whole deal). Do it! Go borrow a soft board and show up on Father's day with a plan: a morning surf followed by a fat lunch (maybe some cold ones on lock). Introduce him to your friends at the beach. Show him where you hang out.

It doesn't matter your age. If your a teenager, exchange music on the way to the beach. If your a 20-something,  show him the activity that has inspired your lifestyle (and forced you to skip a few college classes). Bring the grand kids along too. Make it a full scene, man!

Most importantly, if your dad surfs, he is just looking for an excuse to go to the beach and get some waves. Help out the ol' man would ya?


June 20, 2011 at 6:31 am
(1) Rattz says:

Too true, whilst there were no waves I treated my dad to a day with myself and his grandson. My old man may not be a surfer and whilst I am, time with the old fella and my little man was worth more to me than any of the presents that preceded it.

Admittedly the old man’s BBQ was pretty special too.

June 20, 2011 at 6:38 am
(2) ALPER says:


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