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Jay DiMartino

Two Shades of Sandy

By October 30, 2012

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She came within a warm whisper of Florida, but left the most delicious memories a surfer could ask for. Granted, it was for a fleeting moment in time, but once Sandy crept just north the winds turned from hard side shore gusts to a constant hum from the west that brought back pleasant memories of island trade winds. Only these winds were cool with a hint of a winter to come and carried on them the thoughts of those up north who had to deal with this storm's fury. But here at home, the swell built to a feverish long period pulse that seemed more like a small Hawaiian winter swell than another Florida fall bummer. Oh Sandy! Saaandy!

Those of us who are growing longer in the tooth were quickly reminded of the limits of our physiology, and young guns were put in check by the potential of mother nature to overcome even the most stoked grom and place him safely on the beach for a day. Yes, this sword had two very sharp edges. Sandy threw epic waves to thirsty east coasters while posing the most lethal threat to the northern region in centuries. It's a fateful flip of the coin as to which side of nature you stand. This time, we got the gaping tubes. Next time, we might get the brunt of a storm's fury.

In other news, check out my interview ( Part 1 and Part 2) with surfing prodigy Kanoa Igarashi who at only 15 is poised to blow up on the world stage after pretty much dominating the domestic amateur scene.


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