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Surfing Sunglasses and Pterygium Treatment

By February 24, 2013

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As winter turns to spring and spring to summer, surfers are spending more and more time in the sun. For most folks, a good slathering of sunscreen and a Lycra shirt will suffice make for hours of free surfing or any kind of wave riding really,  but for others, the sun poses other issues beyond the skin: specifically, a surfing related disease called a pterygium. This is an eye condition that I, myself, have dealt with for years, but not until I wrote a piece about these annoying, red, progressive growths did I find how many others are affected and looking for help. Surfers are especially prone to this disease because although genetics is an important factor in their formation; exposure to wind, saltwater, and sun are the catalysts that spark its growth.

Although science has offered very little in the way of alleviating (much less curing) the effects of pterygia on the body and psyche, wearing protective surf sunglasses while in the water help keep them from getting worse. It's easy to wear eye protection while you wait for a wave, but the problem is that wave and water power makes keeping glasses on while you surf almost impossible, and the fogging and glare of standard eye wear can be distracting when applied to the art of surfing. So I embarked on a mission to review some of today's newest surf sun glasses made especially for use in the water and among the chaos of the impact zone. I found that most of these glasses offer what surfers need in the lineup, but each model offers a different nuance for the discerning surfer to consider. If given the choice, none of us would choose to wear anything out in the water, but whether you are looking for style or function (or both), there looks to be a pair of glasses out there for you.


March 3, 2013 at 1:45 am
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Surfing soothes the soul. There are new discoveries finding that surfing can cure various ailments.

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