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Jay DiMartino

Jay DiMartino

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Jay DiMartino

Here's Jay researching his next article.

Jay DiMartino has lived and breathed the surfing lifestyle as a competitor, traveler, judge, and freelance writer for more than 25 years.


He spent over a decade surfing and competing on the famed North Shore of Oahu and covering local and inter-island events all over Hawaii as a contributing writer for H3O Magazine. Making his living at the beach and at his computer as a freelance surfing and action sports writer, Jay has written articles for WEND Magazine, Pontiac Performance, Backstage Pass, and Wakesurfing Magazine and was quoted in National Geographic. He worked as a consultant on Bearport Publishing's Super Surfer Series and is currently the contributing editor for World Champions of Surfing.


Trained by the Association of Surfing Professionals, Jay worked and traveled with industry icons Jack Shipley and Michael Ginsberg as part of a professional Hawaiian judging panel. He has worked for many surf contest organizations such as the ESA, HASA, NSSA, PSAA, HPAC, and the ASP. He received his degree in English Literature from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

By Jay DiMartino:

As a proud husband, father, student, and teacher; I have accomplished many things in my life, but it is my experience as a surfer and writer I hope will help those who come to my site learn a skill, find an answer to a question, or even plan a session or vacation. To me, surfing is both an art and a sport, and I love sharing my own enthusiasm and knowledge with others who have been touched by its magic.

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