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Sunset Beach, Hawaii

The Power and the Beauty



This shot was taken a long time ago, but the wave remains the same.

Don't be fooled, Sunset Beach is a beast! Getting its name from the spectacle of the thick clouds and orange falling sun above the viewer-friendly beach, it's the only surfspot that blends a sprawling lineup, a massive ski-slope drop, and a draining inside barrel so seamlessly in a bonafide big-wave spiced with howling hotdog elements.

Located among the fabled waves of Oahu's North Shore, Sunset wears many faces. A north swell creates a long, shreddable pointbreak, and with a little added east swell, those same waves will connect with Boneyards and Backyards and make up one of the potentially longest waves in Hawaii. However, only a west-northwest swell can generate the grand machine that is Sunset!

Sunset is located just up the highway from the dangerous waves of Pipeline and Waimea, but neither match Sunset's space or personality. Sunset has a huge channel and an expansive lineup that when added to the take-off zone on the inside peak and possible Boneyards section sliding in gives the surfer infinite possibilities for creativity and fun.

Sunset is not for beginners although it does break fun at 3-5 feet. Even then, the deep water and constantly changing conditions can pose danger. Remember, don't ever think that sitting in the channel keeps you safe. It can close out without notice.

Fun Factor: High

Danger Factor: High

Skill Level: Intermediate to High

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