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Surf Party Theme (For Adults)


Spain, San Antonio, Ibiza. Radio 1 Beach Party at sunset in Ibiza
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Okay, so you're planning a party and you don't want it to be just some ordinary party. That's where a theme can jazz it up and make your planning easier. Maybe you surf, maybe you don't... who cares just go with it and have fun. Here you'll find all you need to get your party underway. Whatcha waiting for, get started!

Invitation Ideas:

Get the word out creatively and peak your guest-to-be's interest. You can obviously take the easiest approach and purchase a tropical style invitation at a local store or you can make your own by computer, by visiting a printing shop, or by using your own two hands. Here are some ideas you may find helpful.

* Send your message on a Coconut. Yes, you read it correctly, a coconut. Paint on your brief invite message then hand deliver or send them in the mail. Here's a message to go along..."Don't miss a nutty time at our Surfing Party".

* Print or write your invitation and adhere it to a bar of surfboard wax to appear as a label. How about this catchy message..."Don't slip and miss this one!"

* Design an invitation cover with a surfer getting tubed. Take a headshot of who's throwing the party or the guest of honor and minimize it on a copier to be imposed onto the head of the surfer. The message may read "Dude, come celebrate this feat!" For an anniversary party, take a photo of the couple with the woman on the man's shoulders for a tandem surf ride. You can use the same message for this one.

*Draw or print a surfboard shaped invitation with the following message, "Don't be a kook, join us!"

Just remember to add who the party is for, the date and time, location, theme, required dress ideas, and RSVP phone number.

The Menu:

Now it's time for deciding what to serve. Rightly so, a tropical menu comes to mind given the locale of most surfspots. For this reason, I have chosen drinks, appetizers, and dessert items with a tropical flair.


1. Guava Blush
1 can (6 oz.) guava nectar concentrate
1 bottle (750 ml) champagne, chilled

Pour 2 tablespoons of the guava nectar concentrate into champagne glass. Fill with chilled champagne. Stir lightly. Makes 6 servings.

2.Mai Tai
1 1/2 ounce light rum 1/2 ounce cane syrup*
1/2 ounce dark rum 1/4 ounce orgeat syrup
1/2 ounce curacao cracked ice
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice 1 ounce Lemon Hart rum

* Cane syrup can be made by combining equal amounts of sugar and water and bring to a boil. Boil for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Chill.

In a double old fashioned glass, combine light rum, dark rum, curacao, lime juice, cane syrup, and orgeat syrup. Stir well. Fill the glass with cracked ice. Gently pour the Lemon Hart rum on top to float. Garnish with a pineapple wedge. Makes 1 drink.

3.Mango Daiquiri
1 large ripe mango, peeled and seeded
3 ounces light rum
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 ounce cane syrup (see recipe in above cocktail)
2 cups cracked ice

Combine mango, rum, lemon juice, and cane syrup in a blender. Blend til smooth. Gradually add cracked ice, blend well. Pour into 2 daiquiri glasses. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Makes 2 drinks.


*Surfboard shaped finger sandwiches
*"In the Bowl" dip and chips
*Fruit bowl with yogurt dip
*Vegetable tempura
*Fried shark bites


*wave cake
*seashore cake

Surfing Decor:

Here's where "more is more". Pull out all of your surf paraphernalia. Prop up surfboards, light tiki torches at the entry way of your home and in the back yard, stuff wetsuits, and make faux-surfers. Turn beach towels into tablecloths, have a surfing video playing on the t.v., and popular surf music playing in the background. A few ideas are music by legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale, any reggae, Sublime, Beach Boys, and the Hudu Gurus. To go a bit further, how about making a temporary "Surf Shack Bar" with palm frawns and a sturdy umbrella. Provide your guests with cups that are labeled with various surf spots and pro surfers, to keep track of their drinks. Don't forget the cocktail umbrellas! If you've got the space, how about a bonfire out back. Let your imagination go.


Really get your guests involved by reqiring them to wear surfing attire. Alleviate the old "Oh, should I" or "I'll probably be the only one dressed up" thoughts by making it a requirement. It really pulls a theme party together and gets everyone in the spirit. Be sure to give them dress ideas in their invitations. For the ladies, sundresses, surfing logo t-shirts, boardshorts, and bikini tops are some ideas. For the men, some popular choices are wetsuits, boardshorts, Aloha shirts, t-shirts, rash guards, and flip-flops (a.k.a., slippahz,thongs). Puka shells, brightly-colored Zinca sunscreen, and sunglasses also work well for both.

Print this article and you'll have everything you need to prepare for your surfing party. It's sure to be a raging festivity!

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