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cutback Mick Fanning

This is a picture-perfect cutback.

Definition: A cutback is a noun that refers to a surfing trick or maneuver for intermediate and advanced surfers that keeps the rider in the power of the wave. After gliding out past the breaking whitewater section of the wave, the surfer guides the board back toward the whitewater. This not only prolongs the length of a ride but also gives the surfer more possibility for speed and maneuverability. Cutbacks are used to get back into the power zone or set up for a tube. When cutting back (verb), the surfer uses both the fins and the rail edge to hold the board steady while leaning back and changing direction. The cutback is a timeless surfing maneuver.
Also Known As: cutty, slashback, roundhouse
That guy ripped three cutbacks on that last wave.

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