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Top 5 Most Influential Surfers of All Time - Surfing - About.com
Born in Milwaukee in 1902, Tom Blake went on to become famous and eventually change the face of surfing forever. While life guarding in 1924, Blake took up ...
Top Five Best Surf Spots in Florida - Surfing - About.com
The rich and famous go there to relax and party; surfers go there to get barreled. Crystal clear water and toasty temperatures (from its proximity to the Gulf ...
How to Become a Pro Surfer (Part 1) - Surfing - About.com
New surfers are being born every second and the level of surfing is ... Surf Trippin '--Surf Adventure Vacations and Travel · Famous Surfer Profiles · Surfer Girls ...
Famous Surfer Profiles - Surfing - About.com
Famous surfer profiles are always fun to read since surfers come in all styles and personalities. So who are the greatest surfers or the most bizarre human ...
The 5 Most Influential Professional Women Surfers of All Time - Surfing
In 1977, Margo Oberg famously told People Magazine, “There are ten really famous male surfers in the world, and one really famous female surfer. That's me.
Miki Dora: Famous Surfer Miki Dora - Surfing - About.com
Surfer Profile of Miki Dora, Da Cat: Famous surfer and rebel for sake of rebellion, manic treasure seeker, adventurer, thief, and eternal wave riding stylist.
Taj Burrow Surfing Profile Photos: Profile and Photos of Famous Pro ...
See photos of famous pro surfer Taj Burrow in this surfing photo profile. What makes Taj Burrow so dangerous in a heat and radical in the water? See action ...
Famous Surfing Athlete Adriano De Souza - Adriano De ... - About.com
Adriano De Souza is Brazil's hottest and most famous surfing export. Fast and radical, Adriano De Souza is a solid presence on the pro tour and putting the heat ...
Tom Blake: Famous Surfer Tom Blake - Surfing - About.com
Tom Blake: famous surfer, board innovator, and waterman. Find how he figures into the history of surfing.
Josh Kerr - Professional Surfer - Biography - Surfing - About.com
Professional surfer Josh Kerr is known for his aerial flips and tail wafts. ... Born Joshua Ian Kerr in Tweed Heads, Australia on the famed Gold Coast on March 29, ...
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