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How to Become a Pro Surfer (Part 1) - Surfing - About.com
Okay, so you want to be a pro surfer. That's awesome. It looks like a great profession what with all the travel, great waves, and what not. No doubt, pro surfing is ...
How Much Money Does A Pro Surfer Make? - Surfing - About.com
So you want to be a pro surfer? Join the club. Who wouldn't want to travel to a different exotic destination every month and get paid to hang out on the beach ...
What Does it Take to Become a Pro Surfer? - Surfing - About.com
It takes more to become a pro surfer than a solid air game and some cool hair. Oh yeah, it takes a host of other attributes (physical, social, and mental) to survive ...
ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals): ASP Definition - About.com
The ASP(Association of Surfing Professionals)is the current governing body of professional surfing. Learn more.
Josh Kerr - Professional Surfer - Biography - Surfing - About.com
Professional surfer Josh Kerr is known for his aerial flips and tail wafts. Once considered too radical for prime time, Kerr is now a WCT soldier with a signature  ...
Stephanie Gilmore Professional Surfer - Surfing - About.com
Born January 29th, 1988, in Murwillumbah, Stephanie Gilmore grew up in New South Wales, Australia. Around 10, she began surfing. As she grew and ...
Bernard "Midget" Farrelly - Professional Surfer - Surfing - About.com
bernard "Midget" Farrelly was a smooth regular footer from Sydney, Australia who became the first official world surfing champion. Farrelly won the Makaha ...
The 5 Most Influential Professional Women Surfers of All Time - Surfing
Here is my list of professional surfing's most influential women. I will not call them girls or chicks and I will not assess them on looks or bikini bodies.
Taj Burrow - Australian Professional Surfer - Surfing - About.com
Australian pro surfer Taj Burrow has been chasing competitive surfing's most coveted prize for more than a decade. With phenomenal talent, Burrow's surfing is ...
Professional Surfer Kolohe Andino - Surfing - About.com
Kolohe Andino is a straight-up surf sensation hailing from San Clemente, California. He is a blond haired regular foot who has repaved the path to professional ...
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