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Surfing Instruction, Information, Tips and Techniques
Learn how to surf and get surfing instruction. Learn how to choose the best surfing gear and surfboards, and plan your next surf trip.
Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Surfers - Surfing - About.com
Beginning surfers often make mistakes when learning the ropes of wave riding. Mostly, it's just a matter of technique, but there are a few common mistakes new ...
Top 5 Most Influential Surfers of All Time - Surfing - About.com
Top 5 Most Influential Surfers of All Time? Who would you pick? Do you agree with my list? If not, let me know.
Surfers Dig Point Breaks - Surfing - About.com
Surfers dig point breaks. They love Rincon and J-Bay. They laugh at the open walls of Bells and Raglan and Pavones. But what is it about those long and ...
Surfing for Beginners Mexico - Learn to Surf in Mexico - Mexico Travel
School's In: The Oasis Surf Academy is a professional, friendly outfit located at the top of the steps above the beach. Run by pro-surfers, the guides are bilingual  ...
Surfing - An Introduction to Surfing
Want to start Surfing? You don't have to be a superstar or surf scholar to get a big smile from waveriding. But if you're planning to learn to surf, it might be helpful ...
Basic Surfing Tips for Beginners - About.com
Beginning surfers can always use some basic tips to make sure every session is the best it can be and so they can learn to surf more quickly. These basic surf ...
How Much Money Does A Pro Surfer Make? - Surfing - About.com
So you want to be a pro surfer? Join the club. Who wouldn't want to travel to a different exotic destination every month and get paid to hang out on the beach ...
Surfers Dig Searching for the Perfect Wave - Surfing - About.com
Surfers dig perfect waves. That's no new information, but what is the psychology behind this, dare I say, surf-related obsession? Why can't we just be happy with ...
Top Caribbean Surfing Destinations - Beginner to Advanced
Top islands and beaches for surfing in the Caribbean, including schools where you can learn to surf.
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