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Top 5 Most Influential Surfers of All Time - Surfing - About.com
#4. Tom Curren. On his road to his first two world championships, Curren's clashes with young, upstart Mark Occhilupo became legendary. To this day, any ...
The 5 Most Influential Professional Women Surfers of All Time - Surfing
I will not call them girls or chicks and I will not assess them on looks or bikini bodies. These women are surfers and this about competitive surfing.
Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Surfers - Surfing - About.com
Beginning surfers often make mistakes when learning the ropes of wave riding. Mostly, it's just a matter of technique, but there are a few common mistakes new ...
Prevent Pterygium - Eye Safety Tips for Surfers - Eye Safety for Surfers
Surfers live in the sun. Sunlight is very intense and the ultraviolet light can cause permanent, chronic yellowing (pinguecula) and redness (pterygium) in the ...
Surfers Dig Searching for the Perfect Wave - Surfing - About.com
Surfers dig perfect waves. That's no new information, but what is the psychology behind this, dare I say, surf-related obsession? Why can't we just be happy with ...
Surfers Dig Surf Movies - Surf Movies - Surfing - About.com
Surfers dig surf movies. They just do, but why is something so electronic and so seemingly far from the actual surf experience so ingrained into the culture?
Surfers Dig It - find out what surfers like - Surfing - About.com
Surfers Dig It - Surfers don't really need a lot of stuff or things to maintain their field of happiness. However, there are some aspects of the lifestyle, some ...
Surfers Love to Teach Their Kids to Surf - Surfing - About.com
Surfers love to teach their kids to surf and kids love the beach, so it makes sense that the two activities would go hand in hand. There are very few moments in a ...
East Coast Surfers Dig Hurricanes - Surfing - About.com
East coast surfers dig hurricanes. Okay, sure, hurricanes have cost the Right Coast untold devastation in both loss of life and financial damage, but sometimes , ...
Surfers Dig Point Breaks - Surfing - About.com
Surfers dig point breaks. They love Rincon and J-Bay. They laugh at the open walls of Bells and Raglan and Pavones. But what is it about those long and ...
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