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Surfers Dig It

Surfers Dig It - Surfers don't really need a lot of stuff or things to maintain their field of happiness. However, there are some aspects of the lifestyle, some experiences, and some ideas that we collectively find especially enriching. Here is a list of some particularly awesome benefits to being a surfer. This is what surfers dig.

Surf Music Review - The Ventures
Surf rock is defined by only a few artists. Dick Dale, the Beach Boys, and the instrumental style-masters the ventures. The Ventures made surf music into an atmospheric affair with equal parts cool and danger.

Surf Music Review - Beck's Morning Phase
Travel back to the 90’s and you can see a clear line drawn between the pre-Beck and post Beck eras. While the release of Loser (the song and its video) was described as a musical “moon landing” in terms of its effect on alternative music and perfect epitomizing of the fragmented and ironic sensibility and worldview of Generation X, his deeper cuts were showing a sincere and natural melding of traditional folk and Delta blues with punk and rap.

Surf Music Review - Dick Dale
Dick Dale is the King of the Surf Guitar. There is no debate there. His signature sound has been the soundtrack to surfing since the late 50's and has stood the test of time.

Band Review - Sublime
No band epitomized the 1990's surf sound like Sublime and that's for real.

Band Review - Surf Punks
The Surf Punks made surfing sound both stupid and dangerous. But it also sounded like a whole lot of fun when put to an infectious pop-punk rhythm. Come with me back to the early 80's and meet the mutant Beach Boys.

Band Review - Wavves
Wavves makes me want to get waves. Wavves' music is a tragic blend of garage rock and early surf melodies punctuated by lyrics that sing the sad duplicity of party excess and spiraling depression. But believe it or not, it will stoke your surf fire.

Surfers Dig Multiple Sessions
Surfers dig multiple surf sessions. That's for real. Most folks during their busy daily stint in the big gerbil wheel lack the necessary time for one good surf session let alone a full day of wave riding, so come with me and experience a day that any surfer would gladly trade for a day's pay: a multiple session day.

Surfers Love to Teach Their Kids to Surf
Surfers love to teach their kids to surf and kids love the beach, so it makes sense that the two activities would go hand in hand. There are very few moments in a surfers life that compare to watching that little guy or girl stand u for the first time.

East Coast Surfers Dig Hurricanes
East Coast surfers love hurricane swells, but it isn't that simple. They have a love-hate relationship with those beautifully spiral and symmetrical products of temperature, moisture, and rotation. Why do surfers love hurricanes and why do they drive them crazy? Read on...

Surfers Dig Goofing on Other Surfers
It's eternal. It's universal, crossing languages and national boundaries. Surfers love to goof on other surfers. I do it. You do it. And sadly, and our friends do do it to us. Read more about this pathetic but awesome time honored practice.

Surfers Dig being Locals
Surfers dig being locals. But where does local-ness become localism? Being a local is great gift for both young and old surfers for different reasons. Find out the nuance existence of the local surfing experience.

Surfers Dig Their Surfboards
Surfers dig their surfboards, no doubt. They love their feeling. Their Smell. Their energy. For a surfer, a surfboard becomes like an extension of the body, a conductor of the soul. Surfers dig their surfboards and that is a scientific fact.

Surfers Dig Searching for the Perfect Wave
Surfers dig perfect waves. That's no new information, but what is the psychology behind this, dare I say, surf-related obsession? Why can't we just be happy with the waves we have? Read on...

Surfers Dig Point Breaks
Surfers dig point breaks. They love Rincon and J-Bay. They laugh at the open walls of Bells and Raglan and Pavones. But what is it about those long and winding walls of point breaks? Find out. Read on.

Surfers Dig their Home Breaks
There is nothing in the life of a surfer that holds as much power as the memory of his/her home break. Surfers dig the whole home break experience. It's the setting for your own coming of age story where you acted like an idiot but still thought you were a superstar. It all culminates into a unique experience set to the sound of breaking waves....

Surfers Dig Surf Movies
Surfers dig surf movies. They just do, but why is something so electronic and so seemingly far from the actual surf experience so ingrained into the culture? Read on...

Surfers Dig Ground Swell
Surfers dig ground swell. This is a no-brainer that you can't argue with. Just try. I love ground swell; you love ground swell, and that's a fact.

Surfers Dig New Surfboards
Surfers dig getting new surfboards. I don't think there is any argument there, but the religious experience of first holding that precious new baby is beyond description. Or is it? Read on...

Surfers Dig the Dawn
Surfers love the early morning. They love the dawn. But why? Learn why surfers dig the atmosphere that most people avoid. Read more...

History of Surf Music
Surf music captured the fun and adventure of surfing. The history of surf music shows a genre peak in the 1963 but remains an integral in popular culture. Instrumental and vocal bands made up the basic categories of surf music. Learn more about the history of surf music.

Dirty Beaches - Badlands - Review
Badlands is dark and lonely and yet rich and funky. It’s like a pulsing machine that pumps red blood through its copper tubing. It’s mood music that makes your heart pound and your head bob, but it’s slow and burning all at once.

Jack Johnson - Surf Music Biography
Pro surfer, film maker, and #1 selling musician who grew up on the beach at Pipeline - Jack Johnson, we get it, you're awesome.

Surf-friendly Jobs
We have all searched for it. We have all dreamed of it. But very few have the guts to follow through with it: to get a job that allows maximum surf time.

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