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Beginner Bodyboarding Tips, Tricks, and Links

A list of helpful tips, tricks and links for beginning bodyboarders and beginner waveriders of all kinds.

What is Body Surfing?
So let’s go all encyclopedia here and define what EXACTLY body surfing is: body surfing is physical art of riding a wave without any flotation or buoyant assistance of any kind. This includes a bodyboard or surfboard. In my opinion, the greatest level of body surfing occurs without anything at all (this includes swim fins), but for safety and performance, its acceptable to use a pair of swim fins to propel you back into the lineup, into more waves, and help you maneuver along the wave face and stay connected to the wave.

Mike Stewart
Is Mike Stewart the best surfer of all time? This article may make even the most passionate sponge haters realize that good wave riding is eternal. Don't believe me? Read on.

Parts of a Bodyboard
Bodyboards are built to certain specifications. Each change in shape or construction nuance can affect the speed and control of the board or tailor its ride for specific riders and waves. Learn how each part of a bodyboard is important to the overall ride.

How to Catch a Wave on a Bodyboard
The key to catching your first wave is to pick the right type of wave. When you first paddle out, you can simply turn around and let whitewater hit you from behind and ride to shore, but that excitement won't last you very long.

How to Duckdive a Bodyboard
Learn how to properly duckdive your bodyboard. It's a helpful way to get you under breaking waves and out to the lineup more quickly.

How to Paddle a Bodyboard
Learn how to paddle out to the lineup on a bodyboard.

How to Buy a Bodyboard
Learning how to buy the right bodyboard can be tricky. But there are a few easy tips that can get you shredding in no time flat.

Find the best prices on body boards and gear at the best prices. This site has news and helpful tips ta boot.

How to Catch a Wave
Instructional Article #3

How to Complete a 360
Instructional Article #5

How to Ride Dropknee
Instructional Article #7

BodyBoard Shop
A place to browse and buy quality bodyboard gear on-line.

Worldwide shipping, a "no sales tax" offer, and a live Hawaii web cam with up-to-date news...A solid site.

Definition and History of Bodyboarding
After the first-paragraph stand up surfer attitude, this article from Surfline really sums up the basics for a beginner.

What is Bodyboarding?
Tom Morey invented the "Boogie Board." But call it that today and prepare for major vibes from the body board community. How did this soft little board for kids turn into a magic carpet that threads through giant barrels at Pipeline? Read on...

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