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Learn How to Surf-Intermediate

So you have learned all the surfing basics, and are ready move on to the intermediate surfing moves? Well, learn how to surf at the next level right here on your computer. These original surf instruction articles will take you through the learning process.

How to do a Backside Re-entry
The backside re-entry is a fun and visually exciting addition to your surfing. There are loads of variations to the backside re-entry which include hitting the lip or spinning a reverse, but either way you carve it, you need to learn how to do a backside re-entry. Learn how.

How to do a Frontside Snap
The frontsode snap is both functional and flashy. A good snap in the right section of the wave can throw buckets of spray and put you in the sweet spot for the next maneuver. Learn how to do a frontside snap.

How to do a Backside Roundhouse Cutback

How to Hang Ten
Hang ten. To the general public, “hang Ten” is a term that has become synonymous with old school surfing as both a fashion statement and iconic catch phrase, but to actual surfers, it’s a serious longboard maneuver that takes style, grace, and balance. In some ways, it’s magical.

Follow Your Head and Surf Better
Novice surfers often lack power and style in their performance. But there is an easy way to add more force to your wave riding. Learn how to do more committed turns by following your head. What does that mean? Read on...

How to Angle Along the Wave Face
Now that you can paddle, duckdive, and catch waves, it's time to join the ranks of the semi-elite and ride a wave real way.

The Surfing Leash: When, Where, and Why?
A discussion on the philosophy behind our beloved "kook cord".

How to Hit the Lip
An easy-to-follow article for mid-level surfers ready to take their skills to the next level. Hitting the lip is the first step to learning more advanced moves like floaters and airs.

How to Complete a Frontside Roundhouse Cutback
It's functional and visually stunning and a must in any surfer's bag of tricks. Learn how to correctly complete a frontside roundhouse cutback in seven (that's right, seven)simple steps.

How to Complete a Floater
A complete article explaining how to complete a floater while surfing on a wave.

How to Link Maneuvers
What really constitutes a good surfer? I mean, we all know it when we see it; if you were trying to explain that intangible element that separates...

How to Hang Five
Longboard surfing went through a radical progressive change over the last decade, but the classic moves like hanging five and cross-stepping are still part of the sport's core. Here's how to perform the timeless "hang Five."

Backside Roundhouse Cutback
The backside roundhouse cutback is a great maneuver to keep a surfer in the power of the wave. Traditionally, the backside roundhouse was reserved for the shoulder where the wave loses most of its energy and begins to flatten out, thus giving a surfer a quick and stylish way to get back to the power of the whitewater. Read more...

How to do a Bottom Turn
In progressive surfing, above-the-lip tricks are dominant, but the bottom turn is the very core of good surfing. This often ignored maneuver is crucial, and learning a proper bottom turn will instantly improve your surfing.

How to Wipeout in the Barrel
If you are going to wipeout when you are surfing, then you should at least be in the barrel. However, there is an art to a good wipeout in the barrel. So read on and find out how to properly fall in the tube.

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