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Learn How to Surf-Advanced

So you have learned all the surfing basics, mastered the novice stuff, and are ready move on to the advanced surfing moves? Well, learn how to surf at an advanced level right here on your computer. These original surf instruction articles will take you through the learning process.

How to do a Front Side Power Arc
Surfing today is full of crazy visual candy for videos and photos. Multiple grabs, airs, and rotations are the norm. However, one maneuver remains constant in good waves - the front side power arc.

Big Wave Surfing Tips
Strangely, the unridden realm of big wave surfing is now a cliche. Most big wave spots have devolved into a carnival atmosphere of boats, cameras, and even helicopters trying to get the best vantage point, but it's no game. Here are some tips to help you venture into bigger surf.

What do I do when I get caught inside by a huge set?
It's your biggest fear. A huge set is bearing down on you and you know you will be soundly pummeled. What will you do? Well, read on to learn what to do if you get caught inside in huge surf.

The History of Tow Surfing
Tow surfing has fast become a legitimate part of the sport. Surfers are finding and safely riding waves that before tow-in innovations made history were unthinkable. It's a whole new mind set that finds surfers now looking with a smile at 60-70 foot waves breaking in the middle of the ocean, waves that were once part of lore and legend. But how...

How to Buy a PWC - Jet Ski - for Surfing
Jet skis (personal water craft) have been around for decades, but more recently they have become indispensable in providing safety as well as a needed bit of torque for surfers looking to ride the biggest waves in the world. Learn how to buy a jet ski for surfing.

How to Get Ready to Surf Big Waves
Surfing big waves is the ultimate level of performance our sport has to offer. It requires a combination of mental clarity, emotional regulation, and physical endurance. So the bottom line is that even with all the technological advances helping hands, surfers still need to be ready for those moments in big surf when things don’t go as planned....

Tips for Surfing a Contest Heat
Surfing in a contest looks easy, but if you have ever done it, you know that's not always the case. To take something as organic and artistic as surfing and force it into the confines of a contest heat is a challenge. Therefore, here are a few easy tips to maximize both your points and the fun in your next heat.

How to win a Contest Heat
Want to win your next contest heat? Sadly, if you think that surfing great is how it's done, you are only half right. Today's contests require a whole new perspective. You've got to change your approach if you want those high scores by mixing great surfing with contest strategy. So if you want to win, read on...

How to get Tubed Frontside
The tube is where you want to be. Sure, maneuvers are fun, but a good tube ride transcends competition and progressive performance. It's a clean line and perfect wave. A step back to the most pure and most satisfying aspect of surfing. Learn how to get tubed.

How to do a Frontside Punt
The frontside punt...It is today's standard. A few decades ago, it was fantasy. Today however, if you are under 35, you better get yourself a good punting game. Here's how to bust the basic frontside aerial.

How to do a Power Hook in the Pocket
The power hook is a great maneuver to have in the old tool box. In a world of aerial wizardry, it's nice to throw down a full-power rail carve every once in a while. Learn how.

How to Make Bad Waves Good - Change your surfing attitude

How to Make a Late drop
There are loads of great advanced surfing tricks, but making a late drop in big surf may be the most important move to learn. It can make your session and save you from a nasty hold down or a scrape across the reef. Learn how to make a late drop.

How to do a Backside Closeout Snap
Wanna know how to do a backside closeout snap? It's a great way to end a ride that would have otherwise gone to waste. Closeout snaps are essential for contest surfing and can add some fun flare to any wave. Learn more...

How to do a Layback Snap
The layback snap can look like a fly-away attempt at a maneuver way out your range or it can appear a stylish nuance to a beyond radical snap in the pocket. Find out how to make your layback snap functional and fashionable on your next wave during your next session.

How to Do a Backside Reverse
The reverse started with 1960's longboarders and was carried along by Curren and Slater in later year, but this one-time novelty has become modern surf surf necessity. Learn how to to do a backside reverse.

How to Do a Carving Frontside 360
Once considered too disco for cool guys, the 360 seemed a simple parlor trick. But today the frontside 360 maneuver blends right into a power surfer’s repertoire and takes what was once a simple bump and grind off the lip and creates an extended bucket throwing lip bash that gains speed into the next maneuver.

The reverse has gone from surfing novelty to performance standard. Whether your looking for a pro surfing paycheck or trying to impress your bros on the beach, the reverse has become the go-to move in small to medium waves. Read on...

How to Complete a Backside Snap Under the Lip
The Under the Lip Snap is a surf manuever that is done when a a wave is too hollow or powerful for a surfer to do a re-entry or when a surfer wants to stall for the tube with real flair. The Under the Lip Snap is a power surfing manuever and requires full commitment to be effective in stringing together a series of moves on a wave.

How to Do a Rodeo Flip
What used to be surf fantasy has become an everyday reality at local breaks around the world. In the nineties, aerial surfing fast became functional, but top surfers like Timmy Curren and Kelly Slater began experimenting with fly away kick-outs, grabbing rail and going upside-down in mid air. These fledgling attempts were the sprouts at what is...

Surfing Tricks - How to do a Superman Air
The Superman air doesn't always get the respect it deserves. Like the barrel roll before it, the Superman air seems to be met with calls of trickery and skullduggery. However, if done right, it can be a fitting addition to your arsenal.

How to Judge a Contest Heat
Learn how to judge amatuer and professional surfing competitions. There is a basic formula. you don't need some lengthy judging criteria manual. Just click here and learn.

How to Surf in a Contest Heat
This original article explains the basics of general contest surfing. No matter what your level, this will help.

How to Complete an Aerial
This is complete an article on how to complete an aerial.

Stall? It's something that many folks use to avoid something, but in surfing we stall for different reasons. Why do surfers stall? Read on...

How to Do a Frontside Air Reverse
The Frontside Air Reverse is the modern re-entry or off-the-lip. It seems that everybody can pull an air reverse, but they ain't that easy. It takes the standard reverse and throws in a massive degree of difficulty. Learn how to do a frontside air reverse.

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