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Whether you are brand spankin' new to surfing, just a little curious about the lifestyle, an old salty dog who wants to re-connect to the waves, or even a contest surfer wanting to sharpen your skills; you will find all the information here needed to get even the most challenged wave riders up and riding...and ripping (note: ripping is good).
  1. For Beginners
  2. Other Helpful Resources
  3. For Intermediate Surfers
  4. For Advanced Surfers

For Beginners

beginner goofy foot kid surfing

This is it. These original articles will take you through the learning process with straight text and simple concepts that will take you from choosing your first board and standing up for the first time to surfing in a contest and beyond.

Other Helpful Resources

To truly improve your surfing experience, take a look at what is happening in the world of surfing competition as well as perusing the many surf camps around the world that offer lessons for beginning wave riders. Maybe there is one near you.

For Intermediate Surfers

Intermediate Surfing Michel Bourez cut back

It's time move to the next level. Learn to ride and turn as you progress from beginner to mid-level waveriding with these simple and fun articles.

For Advanced Surfers

Andy Irons Surfing

Alright...You have moved past all the easy stuff. You've learned how to paddle, stand, turn, cutback and even float a section. What's next? You'll be amazed at what this next section holds for you. Click and feel your pulse quicken.

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