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Surfboard Reviews

With thousands of surfboard shapers and surfboard distributors out there, how do you know what boards rip? After riding these new surfboards, I write a detailed review of board design and performance, so you don't waste your money. If you are a shaper and have a new board model you want reviewed, please e-mail me at surfing@aboutguide.com
  1. Surfboard Anatomy (43)

The Best Beginner Surfboard is the FunBoard
If you are a beginning surfer, don't be swayed by the infinite choices of surfboards out there. Go for a funboard. Read on to find out exact dimensions for your first board and how to buy a beginner surfboard.

Dane Reynolds' #4 from Channel Islands

Channel Islands Fred Rubble - Surfboard Review
Channel Islands' Fred Rubble is 2012's best selling surfboard. Check the review to see if it's worth all the hype (and your hard earned 700 bucks).

Surf Mat Review - The Fourth Gear Flyer Fatty
I have always been intrigued by surf mats. They look fun and fast and totally unconventional. I finally got my hands on one. I put the Fatty from Fourth Gear Flyer through the motions over a series of fun surf days. How did it go? Here's my review.

Original 54 Beater
The Original 54 soft surfboard looks like a stretched out body board and surfs like psycho little mini-fish. It floats and spins and slides and grabs waves easily. In short, the Original 54 Beater soft surfboard conforms to classic beginner board criteria. Read about my session...

The Flyin' Fish from Degree 33
A fish is a wide, thick surfboard with a gulping swallow tail. A quad fin surfboard has four fins for added speed and maneuverability. I recently rode and reviewed a quad fin fish surfboard from degree 33 called the Flyin' Fish. How did it go? Read more...

Liquid Shredder Element Soft Surfboard
Just as fiberglass surfboard construction is no longer the only game in “hard” surfboard technology, soft surfboards have also evolved. Case in point, I just tried out a Liquid Shredder Element soft surfboard. Well, I didn’t try it, but rather, my 7 year old son did. And I think he dug it.

How to Buy a Surfboard
As a new surfer, it's easy to make mistakes when buying a new surfboard. Read these basis and helpful tips to help you buy a surfboard and you'll be shredding in no time.

Sunova Nitro
Based on my trial, the Nitro from Sunova Surfboards is solidly constructed and exceeds company claims. Its innovative construction and high performance design make the Nitro an excellent board for intermediate to advanced level surfers.

7S Superfish
The 7S Superfish is a great board for any level rider, but I believe would greatly help newer surfers who may have trouble catching waves or turning their big beginner boards. This board is loose and fast, and its innovative step-deck design gives it the feel of a thinner board while still being maneuverable in small, crappy surf.

Webber Fatburner
I recently gave the Webber Fatburner a test is some really fun three foot Florida surf. Here is where the Fatburner’s fatness really shines. Who says obesity in America is always a bad thing? This "big boned" board catches waves with about two paddle strokes and then flies across flat sections like it’s powered by an outboard motor.

Anacapa Pro Standard from Al Merrick
Imagine, upon your doorstep, wrapped in cardboard like some massive Christmas gift on steroids is a brand spanking new, six foot one inch, brilliant white, squash tail gem designed by Al friggin Merrick! Yes, Al Merrick of Tom Curren-buried rail roundhouse-10 second tube ride-Kelly Slater-championship-deluxe-shred machine fame.

9:Fish Grunion
In the surfboard world, the fish is considered a throw back to the days of yore. The days of yore in which long hair and mustaches ruled the lineup. The fish is a short, thick, wide board (usually with a wide-open swallow tail) designed for small, gutless surf, but some ten years ago in huge waves over an unknown reef in the Indian Ocean, two-time world champ and uber-soulman Tommy Curren rode a fish better than any thought possible. The following summer, the fish was back in a big way.

Supersoft Soft Beginner Surfboard
To put it bluntly, kids have soft heads and surfboards have sharp fins, and this potentially painful fact does nothing to settle the stomachs of anxious parents as they watch their kids learning to surf. With each flailing nosedive, new surfers roll the dice one more time, launching the sharp, unforgiving edges of their surfboards skyward and waiting for gravity to set the stage for a B-movie horror scene.

Isle Surfboards Retro Fish
Isle Surfboards sent their 6'2" Retro Fish for a reveiw. Its unique design and innovative blend of old school and new school energy made for a blazing good time. Read the review!

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