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Surf Products for Surfers

Here you will find surf products that I have tested and researched. Hopefully, it will make your Christmas buying experience a little easier if the one on your list loves surfing. Also, if you would like to have your product reviewed, please email me at surfing@aboutguide.com for all the details.
  1. Surf DVD/Video (25)
  2. Surf Products (12)

Indosole Prahu Shoes - Surf Product Review
I gave the Prahu (which means "boat” in Balinese) a good go around town and on the beach. These soft fabric lace-up hybrids were understated in “stone” tan and gave the competing impressions of salty casual mixed with concrete savvy.

Indosole Sandals - Surf Product Review
Indosole shoes are not recycled trash but rather re-purposed raw materials which (according to the company) are processed without melting or reforming them using any mechanical means or fuel in the process. It’s a process that involves human resources: just minds and hands. It’s a process that is non-toxic, animal free, organic, and sustainable and saves space in the ever-bulging landfills of Indo.

The Strong Board - Exercise Balance Board Review
I have reviewed several different boards in the past, but the newest incarnation from Strong Board looks to be not just the most solid and durable but board yet but also the most useful for training beyond simple surf specific balance exercise.

Gear Review - Goof Board Freestyle

Yoga for Surfers III Unleashed!
Yoga for Surfers (Volumes I and II) provided effective yoga instruction mixed with energizing surf footage from world class surfers and Yoga for Board Sports focused on the muscles essential to modern surfing, Peggy Hall has now unleashed YFS III.

Yoga for Board Sports DVD
Yoga for Surfers (Volumes I and II) provided effective yoga instruction mixed with energizing surf footage from world class surfers. Now, Peggy Hall has released Yoga for Board Sports which focuses on the muscles essential to modern surfing (and other boards sports as well).

The Ultra Fast-dry Towel
Surfers need very little, but the Ultra Fast-dry towel from Discovery Trekking Outfitters sounds like a great product to add to the surf gear collection. The question is "Is it any good?" Read on...

Elephant Surf Compression Surf Shorts - Review
Ever get thigh rash from surfing? Has your board ever slipped from between your legs when you are going for a wave? Ever get sore legs from surfing all day? Elephant Surf says they have surf specific compression shorts that will help. Read the review.

Band Review - Wavves
Wavves makes me want to get waves. Wavves' music is a tragic blend of garage rock and early surf melodies punctuated by lyrics that sing the sad duplicity of party excess and spiraling depression. But believe it or not, it will stoke your surf fire.

Shaun Tomson's The Code - Book Review
World Champion and all-around smooth operator, Shaun Tomson has written a new book called The Code that illustrates the power of positive thinking and acting through tales of surfing and tragedy. Check out the review.

Radiator Wetsuits and SAMS Shark Deterrent Westsuits
Surfers are scared of sharks (even though the fear is mostly over-blown), so it makes sense that the surf industry would want to market shark deterrent technology. Radiator and SAMS have partnered to develop a shark deterring wetsuit. Find out what it's all about.

Which fins are best? FCS or Futures?
Fins keep your board on track and allow you to push your turns deep into the pit, but with two solid fin companies (FCS and Futures) vying for your cash, how can you choose? I try to make sense of it all.

The Chia Company's Chia Seeds
Kelly Slater eats The Chia Company's chia seed products. What's the deal? Are they any good? Do they have any real benefits? Will you rip full rotation airs in world tour competition? Read on to find out?

Patagona's C-Street Suede
Shoe Review - I just put Patagonia's new C-Street model suede laced shoes through the day of a typical surfer. See how they did.

The Fear Project by Jaimal Yogis- Book Review
Fear is life's motivator, savior, and utter devastator with effects can keep you safe from danger or completely paralyze you. Why do we fear? What do we fear? How can we overcome them? These are all concepts explored in Jaimal Yogis’ new book The Fear Project. Read the review.

Review - Tom Curren's new EP Summerland Road
While it’s pretty hard to separate Tom Curren from his surfing legacy, his new collection of songs - Summerland Road - is worthy of standing alone on its own merits with no help from the ocean although we know they wouldn’t exist without it. Read my review.

Surf Mat Review - The Fourth Gear Flyer Fatty
I have always been intrigued by surf mats. They look fun and fast and totally unconventional. I finally got my hands on one. I put the Fatty from Fourth Gear Flyer through the motions over a series of fun surf days. How did it go? Here's my review.

California Headphones - Laredo - Review
Surfing and music blend perfectly. The flowing style and rhythm of threading a perfect wave with the timing and pulse of a great song...well, they make beautiful music together. In an effort to make that experience even more explosive, I tried out the Laredo headphones from California Headphone Company. Are they any good?

Amphibian 315 Skateboard Review - Bubbles
Sometimes the surf doesn't cooperate, and you are left high and dry with nothing to ride. Your muscles go soft and your belly goes flabby. What's a surfer got to do to get some stoke and exercise around here? Enter: the 315 bubbles with a full AX2o Surf Skate System set-up. Can this little demon help you get that surf work-out when the surf is...

Surf Sun Glasses and Goggles - Reviews
Surfing Sunglasses protect your eyes from the effects of both sun and wind while you enjoy a good surf session. So, to help you navigate the different surf sun glass choices out there, I have reviewed some new brands. Read the review.

Surfing Sun Glasses - Reviews Continued
Ocean sun glasses, Spex surf goggles, and Surf Shades surf glasses offer several options for surfers who want to avoid the harmful rays of the sun. Check out these reviews to help you make the smartest purchase.

Loaded Ceviche
Surfers need a skateboard for when the surf's flat. Loaded’s Ceviche offers some great surf/skate transer potential by bridging the chasm between long and short skateboards. Upon first gazing it, I was dumfounded albeit intrigued. It’s a provocative little number with an hour glass figure that is built for both speed and comfort.

Loaded Skateboards' Dervish
Loaded Skateboards' Dervish is a longboard skateboard that blends speed and flex. I took one for a spin in my mission to find a perfect surf-skate crosstrainer. Did this longboard skateboard live up to Loaded's claims? Read more...

All for a Few Perfect Waves (The Story of Miki Dora)
The Freedom! The Freedom! That is at the core of David Rensin’s newest book. All for a few Perfect Waves takes on the mammoth task of making sense of one of surfing most loved and reviled figures: “Da Cat” Miki Dora.

The Holoholo Balance Board
Balance boards are helpful for staying in good surfing shape(if you can’t find some waves). One such board is the Holoholo Board, a wooden balance board that is designed to strengthen the calf muscles and improve balance skills. No doubt these are both important to improved surfing performance.

The Loaded Pintail Carving Skateboard
Yeah, from a surfer’s perspective, the Loaded Pintail is a sweet and sweaty speed board that is set up for serious carveage. No slipping and sliding here…No flicking and flapping...trickin and trippin’.

Trunq SUB
You’ve read my reviews of products that give surfers a place to lock away their keys, a spray that helps you slide out of your wetsuit, a heating pad that keeps you warm in the winter,even a handy gizmo that wards off predatory sharks with sound waves. But here’s another quandary: Is there some way for a wave rider to cart around all his surf gear in his car without ruining the interior?

Quiksilver Outer Wear
Known globally for their commitment to surfing style and performance for decades, the folks at Quiksilver have been spreading their influence as the surfing boundaries have expanded and the surfing attitude has made its way to the inland masses.

Review: Allan Weisbecker's Can't You Get Along With Anyone?
Contrary to the “surf at all costs” attitude and exploratory nature of his previous work(In Search of Captain Zero), Allan Weisbecker’s newest memoir "Can't You Get Along With Anyone?" treads a much different and at times more unsettling path.

In Search of Captain Zero
Surf writers have always had it tough in the “real world.” The real literary world, that is. Somewhere between “Dude, that wave was awesome!” and the extolling of the metaphysical implications of harnessing natural energy, many readers have been railroaded into thinking that surf writers are too far “out there” to be taken seriously.

Curve Lockdown Surfboard Racks
Surfers have done it all when it comes to finding a way to get to the beach. Stuffing multiple boards and bodies into compact cars (fins and arms hanging out the windows), frying and drying in the open bed of a pick-up truck, or lashing a pile of board bags to the roof are all surf travel standards. Heck! I’ve hitch hiked or paid off strangers just get from the airport to the beach many times.

Radiator Wetsuits
Radiator Wetsuits caught my eye with the following statement: “Radiator Wetsuits are the lightest and most technologically advanced wetsuits ever made.” For the love of all things sacred, that sounds great! But is it a factual statement or just a bunch of hot air?

Hotsuits Surfing Wetsuit Heater
It’s January. The water’s about 40 degrees. You have a solid full suit, but with the freezing offshores blowing at your back and the blistering cold of the water biting at your ankles, you are pretty sure that you won’t totally enjoy your session. Plus, you don’t have the cash to buy one of those fancy new heated wetsuits. If only some...

Flexdex RT Classic 29
The Flexdex RT Classic 29 is perfect for the modern surfer who is looking for more than just cruising and carving in the off-season. Its short, flexing deck coupled with state of the art trucks and wheels designed for speed and traction make for a ride that is fluid and radical.

Proteck Performance Surfboard Fins
About.com's Jay DiMartino recently put a set Protech Flexible Performance fins to the test. Surfco claims the fins will signifigantly improve a surfbaord's performance. These Protech Performance fins are flexible and will fit FCS, Future, O'Fish'l, Lokbox, Red X and longboard center boxes. The fins have a rigid core but fexible edges. Do they work? Read on.

Quiksilver Surf Pack
That said, in my search for hardcore surf luggage that affords the traveling surfer all the needed items while keeping the hands free to carry boards and slap malaria bearing mosquitoes while slashing at the thick jungle foliage en route to some mythical left point just beyond a booby-trapped Mayan temple, I stumbled across the aptly named Surf...

Freestyle Lockdown: On the Down Low
The Freestyle Lockdown is an interesting and functional innovation in timekeeping that enables the user to keep some secrets while being punctual. Check out the review at About.com.

Finsterre Adventure Clothes for Surfers
Truth be told, most surfers try their darndest to look like surfers. A lot of it comes out naturally, but a Billabong tee or a pair of Quiksilver board shorts almost guarantees you won’t be mistaken for a land loving kook (Even if you happen to be one). However, there are those hardcore and non-conventional watermen (and women) who couldn’t care less if their logos match the fashion wave of the year. It’s all about function!

9:Fish Boardbag
Californian surfboard company, 9:Fish, has developed an interesting and innovative product for surfboard transportation. Somewhere between boardbag and surfboard roof rack lies the Bag-a-Rack which makes surf travel a little less difficult.

Go Pro Hero Surf Camera
The sun floats low in the morning sky, and a stiff offshore breeze blows open a perfect empty barrel as you paddle past the shoulder. That would make a great picture you think as the moment collapses in a bubbling mass of foam lost to the shore forever. Now imagine that same barrel filled with your best buddy in his most spectacular surfing experience to date.What an insane image…gone!

Freestyle Audio Waterproof Surfing MP3 Player
Ka-Boom! The Freestyle Audio drops like an atom bomb on surfers who really love their tunes. Subtract the bogus cassette tape from my 80’s surf-rock-opera fantasy and add the blinding future shock of the digital age.

Quiksilver's EQPT Line of Exercise Clolthing
Countless surf companies offer boardshorts and walkshorts, but these are not functional for exercising. Boardshorts don’t breathe and walkshorts don’t stretch. So Quiksilver has rolled the dice and unveiled a new line called EQPT (Elite Quiksilver Performance Technology).

Original Skateboards
With an extremely wide platform that utilizes both Concave and Camber, the Custom 35 is a great board for flatland pumping or downhill speed. Wider trucks keep it more stable, while the concave camber combination powers you through the transition, allowing you to retain more speed through each carve, and in many cases carve to maintain, or increase speed.

The T-Board: Surfing's Cool Cousin
The T-Board is an interesting addition to the boarding family. It’s not a skateboard although it looks similar. Instead of four wheels, the T-Board has only two, which come in rubber for downhill or urethane for flat ground, and are attached to the board’s bottom via two large metal trucks.

Surfing's Greatest Misadventures
Edited by Paul Diamond and packed with stories from some of surf journalism's brightest stars as well as some our sport's most daring and misfortunate souls, Surfing's Greatest Misadventures is a fun, exhilerating read that will make you cringe, make you smile, and surely make you glad that you are a surfer.

Locals Hawaiian Sandals
If you have ever spent any time in Hawaii (or on any island for that matter), you would know that there is an interesting culture that surrounds the local footwear. There is only one truly local way to cover your feet. Some call them flip flops or slaps or thongs, but in Hawaii, they are "slippahs".

Extreme Horizon's Key Pod
Rising up from the land of King Arthur and crumpets, Extreme Horizon has solved two problems of the common surfer. The first product is the Key Pod which solves the above problem. Heartily constructed, this heavy duty storage unit is big enough to fit any key, yet small enough to covertly connect to any of your car’s firm extremities...

Da Kine
The Channel Series backpack and the Split Roller from Da Kine thread the line between function and fashion with a heavy nod towards “Utilitarian Funk.” Well, that’s my term, but I feel it’s an apt description since the ample compartments, zippers, and pouches cater to a surfer’s real needs while the snazzy patterns and designs on their sturdy skin scream style and fun to everyone in the room.

Ocean Solution: Natural Antibiotic
However, there is no doubt that beaches in Florida, New York, California, Hawaii and beyond are regularly found to be loaded with bacteria that can make us sick. That sad fact makes Ocean Solution’s existence possible. This natural dietary supplement offers something unique to the surfing world: a defense against the bacteria that may be...

Sea Specs Eye Protection Sunglasses for Surfing
Sea Specs are sunglasses specifically designed for surfing, kite boarding, skiing, windsurfing, fishing, and bodyboarding. They are great for surfers with pterygiums or dry red eyes. They protect sun lovers form uva and uvb rays for while enjoying the beach.

Aloha Hawaiian Shirts
After spending a good portion of my life living and working in Hawaii, I always look back at the casual style and Aloha attitude with a smile. There is not another state in America where an untucked flower shirt and slippers are considered accepted work attire. That's why I was excited when I received a handmade Aloha shirt from Wave Shoppe, a grassroots operation out of San Diego, California.

The Wet Dry Duffle Bag from Dakine
The Wet Dry Duffle measures in at 28 x 15 x 11 inches and weighs about 3 pounds empty. It boasts several zippered compartments, a tarp lined wax pocket, a clear vinyl hardware pocket, a padded shoulder strap, and most importantly, a seam sealed wetsuit compartment. My particular bag is black with camouflage embellishments, but the Wet Dry Duffle also comes in black and gray as well as charcoal and red.

Da Kine Wetsuit Insulator L/S
After searching several wetsuit styles, I decided to try the Insulator L/S from DaKine. I spent my youth burning bareback in the sun and then moved on to a full neoprene longsleeve, but it did nothing for windchill on dawn patrols or late afternoon sessions

Da Kine Surf Stash Travel Kit
Da Kine Surf Stash Travel Kit gives surfers and any water enthusiasts a cool, convenient spot to stow away his/her beach necessities and accessories in the car, in a suitcase, or on the beach.

Pulse Tide Charts
The NEW Pulse Stick On Tide Chart is a device that allows you to calculate tidal times for places anywhere in the world for an entire year form January through December. You can even calculate places where tidal data has never been collected.

Poorboy Surfing Accessories
About.com guide reviews surfing accessories from Poorboy USA.

Optic Nerve Sunglasses
Optic Nerve sunglasses are high-quality, affordable, and stylish. Being a surfer suffering from pterygiums, I take my eyewear seriously, so I have reviewed the loanshark model. Check out how they rank.

Magma Formations
A great new traction company out of Cali...Check out the review.

Suit juice
Suite Juice is a wetsuit lubricant for competetive and recreational surfers. Here is a review of that product written by Jay DiMartino who has written many articles surf technique, competition, and culture for About.com.

Shark Camo
Shark Camo decals, laminates, and surfboards could just save your life.

Dingleberries Surfboard Repair Kit
A revolutionary way to repair dings quickly and easily, even under water.

Sol Socks Review
Check out these wonderfully warm sol socks for your beloved foot soles.

Betty Belts
A wonderful product that delivers loads of soul, quality, and beauty. Click here because you dig that.

Brave Soldier Surf Products
Brave Soldier makes protecting your skin fun and easy with their unique line of sunscreen, lip balm, and wound care products. "For athletes who refuse to set limits."

Taj Burrow's Book of Hot Surfing
Taj Burrow's Book of Hot Surfing is a wonder to behold for any novice surfer and a delectable explosion of mind blowing maneuvers for the seasoned veteran.

How to Buy Sunglasses
Surfers need to wear sunglasses religously! Here are some tips to help surfers and beach enthusiasts get the most from their eyewear and avoid eye problems such as pterygiums.

Goof Board Balance Board
“It felt just like riding the Goof Board!” That was 9 year-old Indie’s summation of riding his shortboard the first time. That's pretty solid testimonial for the Goof Board since that was after a few days of practicing on this training/ balance board.

Sun Bum Sunscreen - Review
Skin cancer is a real danger for serious surfers. You've got to have good sun screen. I had the chance to try out Sun Bum sunscreen and put it through 12 hours of surfing in the hot sun. How did it perform? Read on...

SPIbelt workout accessory - Review
Want to stay in surf shape and also keep all your modern icrap handy? I do, so I reviewed the SPIbelt. How did it go? Check it out.

Locean Labs Naked Surf Liquid Rash Guard - Review
You hate surf rash. I hate surf rash. We all hate surf rash. But is Locean Labs Naked Surf Liquid Rash Guard any good at preventing surf rash? I put it to the test.

Surf Music Review - The Ventures
Surf rock is defined by only a few artists. Dick Dale, the Beach Boys, and the instrumental style-masters the ventures. The Ventures made surf music into an atmospheric affair with equal parts cool and danger.

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