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Sun Bum Sunscreen - Review


Sadly, if you are someone who surfs fanatically like me, you are exposing yourself to danger with every long session you enjoy. Nope, it’s not the sharks or reef that will get us in the end. It’s the sun. In fact, according to SkinCancer.org, skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in America, and every year, there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidences of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. The prevalence of skin cancer is rising each year as one in five Americans will develop the deadly disease in the course of a lifetime. Yikes! That’s a bummer. And sure the word “bummer” may strike you as a horrifying understatement, but stay with me on this.

Want to try to avoid a bummer? Meet Sun Bum sunscreen. A brand of sun protection formulated right in the sunny tourist Mecca and home to the greatest surfer of all time - Cocoa Beach, Florida. If you’ve never been to Central Florida , you are missing a summer sun index rivaled only by the surface of the Red Planet Mars. So, it’s a perfect locale to test Sun Bum’s “all natural” line of sun screen, chap sticks, and skin therapy lotions.

Not far from that blazing ground zero, I took every possible Sun Bum tube and stick I had access to and put them through the paces under the flaming Florida sunshine for a few days of surfing. I went sans rash guard and instead slathered on my back and shoulders a few fat dollops of Sun Bum Pro cream as well as used the face stick on my, well, face. After sliding on some of the lip balm, I was ready for a dawn session. First, impression: nice smell and absorbs completely.

Usually, I use water resistant SPF 50 sunscreen, but since the Sun Bum I had was an SPF 30, I was ready for a bit of a burn. At the end of the first dawn session, I was still clear of burn. I re-applied for the late afternoon and then repeated the application the following day. After two days of surfing under some pretty intense tropical UV action in and out of the water, I would guess I put in some 12 hours of sun exposure using nothing but Sun Bum sunscreen products.

That said, I headed home at the end of the second day of the review with some more color on my skin for sure, but no burn. The “cool down” aloe vera lotion was nice for some skin healing after a hot shower; however, I found it pretty greasy on my fingers. Actually, my computer keys are getting shiny as I type this review, but it does smell amazing and feels super duper smooth and therapeutic on the old epidermis.

The Real Deal

Sun Bum makes a solid product. I tried the lotion, face stick, lip balm, and “cool down” body oil; and they all offered effective protection even after several hours surfing under the hot sun. Plus, all the products smelled really nice…like a vacation or a fruity drink. Would I use Sun Bum again? Sure enough, but I would prefer their endurance sunscreen with a higher SPF for the amount of time I spend in the water. Sun Bum also offers SPF 50. So to avoid a bummer, try some Sun Bum.

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