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Surfing Sun Glasses - Reviews Continued


Ocean Surf Glasses...continued

The other Ocean glasses I tried that day was the Tierra Del Fuego ($79), which were interesting. They have an awesome interchangeable arm system, so you can click on an elastic strap that holds the glasses on in the water, or you can pop on standard arms and wear them like “normal” glasses. These shades have a comfy, soft inner lining and contour to the shape of your head. They are overall the most comfortable, but they are also the quite spacey looking. The model I tried was red, and mix that with the shape and large head strap, the Tierra Del Fuego look a bit “out there”.


The last model I tried was the Amphibian from Spex ($59.95). These are probably the most protective of the bunch in that they cover the biggest area of your face. They are also very comfortable. The Amphibian bends and contours to your head and holds fast by way of a soft, elastic strap. They are more goggles than sunglasses and offer a soft but inner lining that seals off any possible sun or wind present. My only issue with the Amphibian is that the water that pours in from the seal after duck diving or wiping out remains around your eyes for a moment while it drains. I put the Spex through the paces about a week after the other models in fun, chest high beach break. They didn’t come off during the session and remained clear, but the pooling water after wipeouts bugged me a bit.

Spex offers interchangeable lenses for different light conditions.

The Real Deal

Overall, all the surf glasses performed well. None were particularly uncomfortable or came off my head more than could be expected. In bigger surf, I predict there will be more issues with them coming off while paddling out or after a bad wipeout or a tumbling face-first endo, but leashing accessories make that a non-issue.

I had no permanent issues with fogging or beading beyond what an occasional wipe with my rash guard wouldn’t take care of. So it really comes down to what you want out of your glasses.

If you want glasses that don’t look like surf glasses, go with the “Surf Shades X” model. They offer an adjustable elastic strap (which I preferred) and a look that you can take right into the parking lot.

If you want glasses with the least amount of weight or resistance, try the Mauricio . While I prefer an elastic strap; the price, feel, and field of vision of these glasses make them a great overall choice.

For a snug fit with more protection from the wind than the previous models (not to mention an innovative interchangeable arm attachment option), try the Tierra Del Fuego But the space age look may put off the more fashionably reserved surfer.

The Spex Amphibian was the best goggle for wind and water activities like jet skiing, paddle boarding, and kite boarding than for surfing . They offer the best protection from the sun and wind out of all the models, but when I was getting consistently battered by waves while paddling out, they filled up with water and proved annoying for me.


No surf sun glasses are going to be as perfect as wearing none at all, and heavy conditions will prove to knock things off your head, so think about adding a leash to your glasses. Also, think about what you really want from your glasses. If you have “surfer’s eye” issues like a pterygium, the best option would be a full goggle that eliminates all contact with the sun, wind, and water. That’s not going to happen, so think about the conditions you surf in and the price range you can afford IF you lose them and choose accordingly.

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