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The Holoholo Balance Board

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The Holoholo Balance Board

Grippy and Functional (top view)

It may seem that the only way to practice for surfing is to surf...a lot. However, there are other ways to build leg strength and sharpen balancing skills even when the surf is dead flat.
One such option is the Holoholo Board, a wooden balance board that is designed to strengthen the calf muscles and improve balancing skills.

No doubt these are both important to improved surfing performance.

The Review

The Holoholo Board does a pretty solid job. The H1 model that I tried is made of thick sturdy wood and covered in grip tape. Its balancing act is put into action by a plastic tube that attaches to the bottom and rotates to create the unsteady sensation of moving water. This model also comes with a semi-circular tube to be attached for beginners. More advanced riders can detach the tube completely to really step up the balance training.

I ran the H1 through the paces while awaiting an upcoming swell and will attest to the calf muscle workout with some emphasis on core strength as well.

There is a fun and challenging aspect to riding the board, and balance training is an activity you can do while listening to music or watching TV. It’s especially fun to play a surf video while you train.

My kids jumped on the Holoholo Board and challenged each other to see who could balance the longest.

The Bottom Line

The Holoholo Board is solidly constructed and a bit cheaper than other balance boards on the market. What it lacks in pizzazz, the H1 makes up for it straight functionality. It offers a great leg and core workout as well as giving a surfer some semblance of stoke when the waves are flat.

This board would make a great addition to a surf school curriculum or a thoughtful gift for a surfing family.

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