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The Loaded Pintail Carving Skateboard

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The Loaded Pintail Carving Skateboard

All the flow you ever wanted...The Pintail

The only problem with being a surfer is that eventually you have to get out of the water. And very few landlocked activities offer anything akin to surfing’s stoke potential. Skateboarding comes close, but today’s choppy moves and quick flicks don’t mimic the smooth carving sensation of gliding through sprawling sections on a perfect wave.
There is, however, an innovative carving movement swelling through the skateboard industry addressing this problem. And one harbinger of surf stoke looks to be Loaded Skateboards, a company breaking the mold when it comes to carving boards.

They don’t simply design long boards with wide trucks. Their designs run deeply functional and eco-friendly, and their spindly thoughts extend outside of the proverbial box.

The Board

Yeah, from a surfer’s perspective, the Pintail is a sweet and sweaty speed board that is set up for serious carveage. No slipping and sliding here…No flicking and flapping...trickin and trippin’.

I think you get the picture.

The Loaded Pintail harkens back to the narrow tail of its aquatic cousin, the pintail surfboard, which is suited optimally for long flowing turns and performs best with loads of speed and power. This board is not for ramps or street tricks. The length, flex, and tight tail set this baby on a straight trajectory for speed and style.

Let’s talk flex here. According to their website, Loaded Boards are currently available in four flexes, and they offer a flex chart to determine the most appropriate board for your stance, weight, and style. Keep in mind that a softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at a wide range of speeds, but tend to lose stability slightly at higher speeds. The flex adds a dimension of funk and flow to every single directional change. Downhill turns are made all the more insane when the flexy mid-section ricochets you around the next bend.

Loaded Boards are built with epoxy and tri-axle fiberglass that sandwiches a vert-lam bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers. Apparently, this increases liveliness, responsiveness and energy potential. Also, their asymmetrical shapes increase torsional stiffness for higher energy return and can be ridden either way depending on riding style.

The pintail specifically weighs in at 6 lbs (complete) and measures 35.5 inches in length with a wheel base of 29 inches.

The Bottom Line

The Loaded Pintail performs splendidly downhill with its wide wheel base that holds true at high speeds and the extreme flex that gives the rider a high energy carve-heavy pseudo-wave riding experience. But while flowing down an overpass or snaking through a parking garage is where the Pintail performs best, it also carries you up the street confidently and briskly to grab a loaf of bread. That’s right…Bread.

It needs to noted that the pintail is not a trick board in the modern sense, but being built for speed and full-tilt energy release, this baby might have you thinking that “tricks are for kids.” Loaded does offer other models that might offer “trickier” potential like surf inspired Fish and the bizarre Hammerhead which looks like no board you’ve ever seen.

Check out the Loaded website for specific pricing.

The Last Word

Overall, the Loaded Pintail lives up to all company claims. It is built strong and was shipped promptly.

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