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Webber Fatburner

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Webber Fatburner

This fatty blows up.

If I was to play the search engines so that the right surfers find this article, I would write something like this: If you want to catch more waves, go get this wave catching wave catcher that will help you catch more waves when you want to catch more waves. Okay…Maybe that sounds a little contrived, but the bottom line is that theWebber Fatburner is a board that is designed with a surfer’s wave count in mind.
The goal of surfing is to get a lot of waves. For beginners, there is no other way to improve your technique, and for intermediate surfers, anything else gets boring. If you check out my article on HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FIRST SURFBOARD, you will see that a wide, thick board is the way to get started.

That said, the 2+ inches of thickness on the Fatburner will give you that added paddle power on your way out to the lineup and honestly propel you into twice the amount of waves you normally catch.

I recently gave the Webber Fatburner a test in some really fun three foot Florida surf. Here is where the Fatburner’s fatness really shines. Who says obesity in America is always a bad thing? This thick, functional unit catches waves with about two paddle strokes and then flies across flat sections like it’s powered by an outboard motor.

For the beginning surfer, the Fatburner is a charmer. Its thick coat of fiberglass and resin make it strong and relatively resistant to the bumps and cracks that new surfers usually dole out to their beloved boards. The 2+ inches of thickness offer up a wave catching smorgasbord while still remaining maneuverable.

If you are ready to move up from a long board and start loosening up your turns a bit but don’t want to give up the ease of catching a ton of waves, you could do a lot worse than checking into the Webber Fatburner's several sizes.

I just received a letter from guy from Middle America who wants to get back into surfing, and here’s what he had to say:

“Alright, so I learned how to surf when I went to Australia a few years ago. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done. I was a pretty quick learner and started to use my host families' sons shortboard a few days before I had to leave back to Illinois. But I grew... A LOT. I was probably around 5'11 - 6'0 when I was there and 150-160 pounds. Now I'm 6'6 and 213 pounds haha. So I need to find a good board before I go on or during my next trip (Probably during since I won't find any surf shop with in 10 hours of where I live)…Have any other ideas?”

I told this guy that the Fatburner was his weapon of choice since the 6’9” would float his frame, and he could get it shipped out to his landlocked outpost in a couple days. There are several models of the Fatburner, ranging from 5’11” to 6’9”, but all models are relatively thick and wide.

Now, for the more advanced surfer, the Webber Fatburner's utter fatness is bit of a liability when trying to bury the rail on more committed turns, and the thick glass coat makes it a bit heavy. Also, I thought the fins that come with the board were a little long for small surf, so I popped in a smaller set that loosened up its ride a bit.

So you really have to decide what you want. If you:

-want to catch a ton of waves

-like exceptional speed down the face of small waves

-need a durable board

-want your board safely shipped out to you in a couple days

The Webber Fatburner is your sweet nugget!

The Bottom Line

The Webber Fatburner is a sturdy, traditional fiberglass surfboard designed for "bigger" surfers who want to catch lots of waves and glide easily across smaller waves. The days I rode it, the Webber Fatburner performed well in the chest to head high range. It was a little tight for me with the 5" FCS fins, so I put in some smaller ones to loosen it up. This wouldn't be a problem for beginners though. It might be fun without the third fin too, sliding around as a twin-fin. These fat Webber boards are computer shaped to the shaper's specifications and distributed world-wide by Global Surf Industries, thus keeping the cost relatively low.

Incidentally, Global Surf Industries is a surfboard distributor based in Australia that has been active in the surf community in helping the less fortunate. Their mantra sets the tone: "Life is better when you surf". Who can argue with that?

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