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Hotsuits Surfing Wetsuit Heater

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So there you are. It’s January. The water’s about 40 degrees. You have a solid full suit, but with the freezing offshores blowing at your back and the blistering cold of the water biting at your ankles, you are pretty sure that you won’t totally enjoy your session. Plus, you don’t have the cash to buy one of those fancy new heated wetsuits. If only some innovative chap would come up with an affordable way to infuse your old wetsuit with a blast of heat, so you could properly enjoy the perfect waves that break all winter.
Well, shiver no more my friends. The Australian company Hotsuits has come up with an easy way to keep you toasty and flexible even in the coldest conditions. With several awards under their “belt,” Hotsuits’ inventive approach to the cold is, well, quite HOT.

Here’s how the wetsuit heater works: the neoprene belt fits snuggly around your waist. Inside the belt, the thin gel pack emanates heat, thus warming the water that is caught between your body and your wetsuit. This is where all wetsuits work their magic in cold water and where the Hotsuit heating belt earns its money. At about $69.00 US, it’s a pretty good deal, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a heated wetsuit or even a dry suit.

The first time a surfer uses the belt, he/she presses a button that warms the gel inside. After that, a little boiling water gets the gel right back in action. The belts keeps working for an hour and can be used indefinitely (meaning as many times as you like). The belt form-fits to the body and is barely noticeable. The heat is obvious and not only warns the skin, but helps keep up the body’s internal temperature as well. In theory, a belt like this might even help with back pain or stiffness (maybe even a help for some in normal surf conditions).

Mostly though, the heat from the Hotsuits belt might be that added element that makes it possible for northern surfers to even get a session at all during the winter. When the water hits 20 degrees, a thirty minute session is all a surfer can ask for.

The Hotsuit thermal belt doesn’t replace the need for more rubber, but it really makes the wetsuit you have now a heck of lot more comfortable and functional.

I gave the Hotsuits heating belt a run and found its warmth surprisingly powerful once I was in the water and moving. Like any wetsuit, the first few moments were still chilly, and the warmth does fade after an hour or so. With no boiling water around, you are then left to your own devices to fend off the frost of winter.

The bottom line is that the concept is great for surfers who need that added warmth but don’t want to cough up the cash for a new full suit, and even better for surfers in the harsh, northern climates who really need a little more warmth just get in the water. Plus, there are some therapeutic implications for sore back muscles.Overall, the product is solidly manufactured, and it performs just as the company claims. Keep surfing and stay warm!

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Lousy Support (Battery Version), Member kruegra1

Bought one, on the 3rd dive, the connector flooded and one of the copper prongs deteriorated in the salt water. I needed to wire in a new connector. I was told to buy another battery at $75 and another resistive heater element for another $75 or $150 total. I could not source another connector from this vendor. I could not gain a cost effective fix from this company. I clipped the connector off and found the battery would not take a charge. Horrible support, questionable product. I would not reccomend this vendor to anyone.

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