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Loaded Ceviche

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Loaded Ceviche

Longboard? No..Shortboard? Not really...It's sort of a hybrid that rides like a spicy mermaid.

Loaded Skateboards
Loaded’s Ceviche bridges the chasm between long and short skateboards. Upon first gazing it, I was dumfounded albeit intrigued. It’s a provocative little number with an hour glass figure that is built for both speed and comfort. Deck cut-outs afford the Ceviche (with its wide carving trucks) a tight turning point. Add to that a relatively stiff flex and kicked up tail, making this skateboard model a missing link of sorts between your standard street skate stick and a surf-carve long board.

Don’t misinterpret. This is not a trick board per se as I found it a tad heavy for many advanced street tricks ala shuvits and such; however, this fish will grind, slide, and ollie with no resistance and is a jewel on the fly. It’s very fast and lends itself to curvaceous meanderings downhill or on the level. It offers a subtle blend of both cruising and carving potential.

The Review

For my review, I took this unique little lady to the skate park. And since there is little more that a surfer needs than loads of speed and big carves off the lip when the waves are flat, the Ceviche is designed to deliver. While nothing under foot at the park even resembled this board, I felt well equipped for any and all skate park antics (especially the downhill).

While my skills limited me to remain under vert, others were able to take the Ceviche higher. With the trucks loosened a smidge, the concave and subtle flex made the Ceviche a cool slalom speedster and its truck placement options offer subtle variations in performance for different riding styles.

To repeat the deal with the Ceviche: It’s a zippy old school cruiser with a sweet kick tail that offers ample sliding and carving potential. Did I say zippy? Dang straight. But yeah, the stiff flex and wide trucks give this zesty mouthful all the nutrients needed for blacktop bottom turns, concrete cutties, and even interstate meanderings.

The Real Deal

Straight talk: the Ceviche works on the street or at the skate park. The 33” frame is plenty short and responsive for riding pools and bowls and half pipes (I even busted a few ollies ta boot), but its camber and concave go haywire on the downhill or with a couple kicks on a smooth surface.

I actually enjoyed riding the Ceviche more than many of the long board skateboards I’ve reviewed of late mainly because I like having both speed carve and short board shredding options. The Ceviche is not a standard carving long board nor is it a basic trick board; it is instead a delicious recipe that blends the subtle taste of white fish with the zesty zing of lemon juice and cilantro

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