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Quiksilver Outer Wear

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Known globally for their commitment to surfing style and performance for decades, the folks at Quiksilver have been spreading their influence as the surfing boundaries have expanded and the surfing attitude has made its way to the inland masses. Therefore, it’s only natural that as the temperature drops, Quiksilver would also drop some serious snow board outer gear dripping with all the mellow cool of hot Caribbean reef break.
Launching snow style up to a new peak, the Quiksilver outer-wear collection boasts such high performance clothing features as Gore-tex, Quiktech 10,000/10,000, Entrant Dermizax, Entrant V, Eclipse EPX, Toraydelfy 5000,and even Primaloft Sport.

Whew! I haven’t the text or the time to go into all the non and semi permeable membranes, water repellent technology, waterproof breathability or even the perspiration evaporation that is happening here, but after getting a chance to check out their new line, I can see that Quiksilver is pushing the edge of winter action sports clothing.

Specifically, Quiksilver offers snowboarders a slew of interesting extras that go far beyond the basic jacket. This new heavy weather performance gear has a D-ring for lift tickets and interior pockets for MP3 players as well as earphone holes and even lycra and mesh inner lining. There is a zipper connection for pants and adjustable cuffs that keep any and all water from infiltrating. Full skate/surf attitude melts away any memories of yesteryear’s fashion statements and rockets in a new era in snow board style.

Beyond the vast outer wear styles available, Quiksilver has the inner wear covered too. Light hoodies, fleece under effects, and thick wool sweaters round out this fun and functional approach to the slopes.

Check out their styles and prices at www.quiksilver.com and then grab a board go surfing…I mean snowboarding.

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