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9:Fish Bag-a-Rack


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Have Surfboard Bag Will Travel
9:Fish Bag-a-Rack

Simply place the bag on the roof

A surfboard travel bag and a surfboard rack all in one? We've all had those moments when we've said to ourselves, "Dang! I should've thought of that!" Like when I first saw fellas towing into giant waves behind a motorized inflatable raft, and although they appeared a bit psycho, it made perfect sense. we were idiots to have missed it.

Like when I traveled for surf, I always carried a few boards stuffed in a board bag and then either packed soft racks, tried to cram my boards into an economy rental car, or relied on the courtesy of whoever was picking me up to somehow transport my surfboards. At times I had to go all McGiver, picking up scraps of rope to lash my boards atop the car, only to sweat the ride as my boards swayed and shook in the wind.

Why doesn’t someone make a board bag with built in straps, so I could scurry from plane to car in one smooth movement. That's it...I'm brilliant! As soon as I could start sketching my ground breaking idea on paper, I found that the folks over at 9:Fish have been up and riding for some time with this innovative travel surfboard travel bag idea.

Instead of a traditional review, I figured I'd show how easy it was to transform this Bag-a-Rack from board bag to a securely strapped surf travel unit in just a few steps.

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