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Surfing Gear


While surfing is a relatively simple act, there are still a few things you need before you jump in the water and catch some waves. Here you will find loads of gear (surfboards, wetsuits, surfing glasses, and such). Heck, you'll even find products that will help you avoid shark attacks and provide you a secure place to stash your car keys while surfing. Click and enjoy oiginal reviews of some the most helpful and interesting surf gear around.
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Stay warm, stay comfortable, or just look cool. Check out some clothing reviews that will keep you covered on the way to the beach.

Wetsuits and Such

When the going gets cold, you better get going to get yourself some rubber...namely a good wetsuit or other accessory to help keep you warm during your next session.

Surfing Accessories

Here you will find surf products that I have tested and researched. Hopefully, it will make your buying experience a little easier if the one on your list loves surfing. Also, if you would like to have your product reviewed, please email me at surfing@aboutguide.com for all the details.

Surfboard Reviews

With thousands of surfboard shapers and surfboard distributors out there, how do you know what boards rip? After riding these new surfboards, I write a detailed review of board design and performance, so you don't waste your money. If you are a shaper and have a new board model you want reviewed, please e-mail me at surfing@aboutguide.com

Books and DVDs

If you want to extend your surf stoke into your living room or even carry it on the plane with you, you'll want to check out these interesting books and movies that explore the world of surfing.

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