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Surf Camps for Beginners

Take what you learn on my site and venture into the surfing arena. Surf camps are great places to meet new people and ride new waves while getting face-to-face instruction. You can even take your family!

How to Choose a Surf School for your Child
Want to know how to choose a surf school for your child? There are a few simple criteria to look for to get your kid stoked and keep him safe.

Interview with Master Surf Instructor Lou Maresca
Want to get a job as a surf instructor? You better check out my interview with master surf instructor Lou Maresca first. He has decades of experience in both surf instruction and surf school ownership and offers tips to be an effective surf teacher.

Interview with Master Surf Instructor Lou Maresca - Part 2
Want to get a job as a surf instructor? You better check out my interview with master surf instructor Lou Maresca first. He has decades of experience in both surf instruction and surf school ownership and offers tips to be an effective surf teacher.

Basic Skills Required to be a Surfing Instructor
What are the basic skills required to be a surfing instructor? Sure, it's not rocket surgery, but it does require some skills. Read on if you are interested in becoming a surf instructor.

How to Become a Surf Instructor
Want to learn how to become a surf instructor? Surf instruction is now every parent’s choice for summer camp fun. Whether you like it or not, this new industry opens up some opportunities for surfers who want you get paid to surf and travel. Now, you can fund your wondrous wandering years by teaching kids and adults how to ride a few waves.

St. Augustine Surf School
I just got in from surfing with my young son and watched the guys at St. Augustine Surf School a couple peaks down. They had (what appeared to be) little 3 year-old kids up and riding confidently to the beach. The surfers looked so stoked, and the camp ran so smoothly, I had to come home and throw on a link. Learn to surf in the nation's oldest city.

Kalon Luxury Surf Camp in Costa Rica
If you like your surf camp accomodations a little less rugged, Kalon Surf Camp offers a family friendly environment down in Costa Rica.

Una Ola Surf Resort in Playa Grande, Costa Rica is for anyone interested in surfing. If you want to learn how to surf or just catch some perfect waves, do yourself a favor and take your next vacation to Una Ola Surf Resort.

Lou Maresca's Central FLA Surf School
Lou Maresca's Central Florida's Surf School has everything you are looking for if you want a safe and complete surf adventure.

Etnies European Summer Surf Camps for Girls
Etnies: Eight Weeks of Camps, Four New European Locations, More Than 200 Girls Expected to Participate and TV Coverage.

South Padre Island Surf Camp
For folks near the Lone Star State, there are some perfect little waves for learning and some pristine beaches right there in the Gulf of Mexico.

Billabong Surf Camps (Adventure Out)
California's northwest is full of lush green landscape, hip urban culture, and, of course, some of America's greatest waves. For a surf adventure (as well as hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking) right here at home, check out the Adventure Out Billabong surf camps for kids and adults located in the wave rich locales of Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

Bahamas Out Island Adventures
Warm, crystal-blue water in an exotic Caribbean setting, what more can you ask for? Eleuthra has tons of good surf and is very consistent in the winter months. Also, they said if you mention Surfing.about.com, you will receive 50% off your room charge. Sounds like a deal.

EZ Ride Surf School
Based in Florida, EZ Ride offers birthday parties and corporate events in addition to several locations for traditional surf instruction.

Big Kahuna Surf School
A school out of South Florida that offers experienced instructors and cool package tours to Hawaii. I love the island vibe.

Morro Negrito Panama Surf Camp
Warm water and great waves on an island off the coast of Panama...Sounds pretty good to me. Check out the written description here, and you will jump on a plane tonight.

Careca Portugal Surf Camp
This looks exotic and fun, cruising the coast and mountain trails while learning to surf. Check it out. The prices are pretty good.

This camp is located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It is the center of the surfing world, but it's expensive!

Kauai Surf School
A surf camp located on one of the most beautiful islands in the world with cool people and great surf! Sign me up!!!

Corky Carroll's Surf Camp
Corky Carroll is a good surfer with a long history. His camps are located in California and Costa Rica and also offer video and private lessons.

Located in Cardiff, California, this camp offers family surf instruction. Very cool for the kids and parents alike.

Willis Brothers Surf Camp
Trippy individuals with loads of surfing and shaping years behind them, and you can't go wrong with Hawaii. Sounds like the Willis bothers got it wired.

Club Ed
Santa Cruz gets cold and beautiful waves with lots of secret zones. Site features shots of the camp owner pulling in at pipe (Pipeline in Hawaii). Good credentials!

Richard Schmidt's Surf Camp
"Learn from the best" is right. I've seen Schmidt ride some giant waves and do some incredible surfing! Also, the camp offers locations like Costa Rica and Santa Cruz.

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