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Sebastian Zietz - Biography


The surf world loves Sebastian Zietz. His surfing is powerful and stylish, and his attitude towards life is the goal of every self-help book ever published. He’s been on the underground radar for years and percolated around the middle of most industry hot grom lists. But while most of the top contest kids were running the table at dribbly SoCal and east coast beach breaks, “Seabass” was spending his days surfing pristine world-class Kauai lineups with his older brothers Josh, Max, and Billy who have been resident freak talents at every home port. Ripping was in his DNA and heavy Hawaiian swells began pulsing in his veins. But while incredible surfers like Sebastian have been shredding Kauai for decades, The Irons brothers’ assault on the pro scene made the surf world take notice of the island prodigious talent just in time for this affable regular foot to make a splash.

Born at home to parents Paul and Joanne in Fort Pierce, Florida, a rough-edged, redneck fishing town with a consistent beachbreak, Sebastian was named after the famous inlet just an hour up the coast. The Zietz family loaded up and moved to Kauai where they quickly became embedded into the Hanalei culture. If you have never seen Hanalei Bay, allow me to constrict a picture: it’s a tiny hippy town nestled into the nook of a lush and verdant valley located nearby several distinct and potentially world-class waves. Although still a pre-teen, his parents sailed down the Florida coast where Seabass spent time with shaper Charles Williams . But it wasn’t long until the family made their way back to the Garden Isle. The energy was right, and Sebastian’s talent exploded.

In 2007, he won the Goofy vs. Regular event which signaled his arriving at another level. The next year, he took the Macy’s Trifecta Pro Junior, and surf media was beginning to take notice of not just his lightning quick surfing which is equal parts classic carve and new school extravaganza. The same year he topped a stellar field at the Oakley Pro Junior. At this point, YouTube was showcasing not just his exciting surf clips but even an overseas dance off that began building a personality his contest results. His party groove had been struck, and a fan base was building.

In 2012, after a hard fought year on the WQS, he entered the Reef Hawaiian Haleiwa Pro. After facing off with the best surfers in the world, he inched out John John Florence in a four man final and earned qualification for the 2013 ASP World Tour.

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