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Tom Curren - Interview (Part 2)


Continued from part 1 of my interview with Tom Curren.

Do you ever look back at songs from 4 or 5 years ago and think “Eh, that wasn’t as good as I thought it was.”

Definitely, and there are some that actually stand up a lot better. Simplicity is really good I think.

As a surfer who grew up during the Curren era, I find it hard not to look for surfing connections in your lyrics. “See in plain view when we close our eyes” brings to mind the subconscious nature of surfing. You do your best surfing when we don’t think about it. Am I way off base?

Yeah, I do you know. Again, I think, when I was trying to think of something. You know song writing is really hard. I just came up with the song title. I think it’s something kind of vague. Other than that I like the tune and I think the song is just straight forward.

In light of the last question, I notice very few references to the ocean or other surfing clichés that has been standard “surf music.” Do you consciously avoid those themes in an effort to distance your music from surfing?

Yeah, it’s totally separate. I try to. Summerland Road is somewhere that can be anywhere. Yeah, it’s definitely separate. I was just out body surfing with my son Nathan and we had so much fun and the ocean is truly an inspiration. It’s good.

Guys like Donavon and Jack Johnson have broken through. Tim Curren has released music. But from an outsider’s perspective, you set forth the modern traveling pro surfer-musician archetype. How much do you think you influenced this generation of surfing musicians? How do they influence you?

Possibly both, I have learned a lot from watching them you know. They have such good music. It’s really good, you know.

You have a family now and I assume bills to pay and “real life” stuff. What’s a day like in the life of Tom Curren these days?

Well, um. Right now lately, it’s been a lot about band practice and trying to surf and other than that it’s business stuff. That’s how it is. Today is really hot, so I’m going for a quick dip in the ocean. Anyways that’s how it is for now.

The EP comes out tomorrow? What are you and the band doing to promote the record?

Today, actually. Yeah, it’s not really my band. They are in Costa Mesa. We are just kind of playing together and doing a few shows coming up in the beginning of November in LA, Santa Barbara, and in Santa Cruz.

What’s coming up for you in surfing?

I’ve got a thing coming up in December in Hawaii. It’s an expression session event I was invited to at Haleiwa. So that should be pretty cool.

Alright, Tom, have good session and good luck with the album. You have any other thoughts before we head out.

No, nothing I can think of. Thanks, see ya.

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