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Adriano De Souza


Adriano de Souza

Adriano De Souza - Huntington Beach

Victor Decolongon


Adriano was born February 13, 1987 in Guaruja Sao Paulo, Brasil (Where he still lives today).


Adriano enjoys editing video when he's not shredding in them.

Vital Stats:

Adriano weighs 137 lbs at a height of 5'6".


Regular Foot(with left foot forward and glued on)


Adriano is supported by Oakley, Pukas surfboards, Central Surf Shop, FCS Fins, Red Bull and Gorilla Grip

Favorite Wave:

De Souza states Guaruja beachbreaks as his favorite, but he looks just as comfortable in beachbreaks around the world.

Favorite Maneuver:

Big Airs! (see picture)

Favorite Surfers:

Adriano looks to the past few champs for inspiration: Mick Fanning, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons

The Real Deal:

Adriano is pushing Brazilian surfing to new levels and carving a notch higher than any of his countrymen to date. His style is mechanical yet inspired and brimming with stoke. Adriano mixes traditional carving with airs and lip tricks but lacks the style and power that will put him in the icon category. Adriano knows how to get the biggest scores on tour. His strength: he wields the beacon of consistency as his most cherished possession. Will he be the next Andy or Taj? Probably not, but he has buried the memories of Flavio and Neco for sure.

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