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Surfing Tips and Surfing Questions

Got a surfing question or looking for tips on surfing gear or technique? Here's a continuously updated list of the most commonly asked surfing questions posted to the surfing forum. If you don't see what you're looking for, post your surf question to the forum and you'll receive a prompt response, or feel free to email me at surfing@aboutguide.com
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Surf-friendly Jobs
We have all searched for it. We have all dreamed of it. But very few have the guts to follow through with it: to get a job that allows maximum surf time.

What do I do when I get caught inside by a huge set?
It's your biggest fear. A huge set is bearing down on you and you know you will be soundly pummeled. What will you do? Well, read on to learn what to do if you get caught inside in huge surf.

How to Make Bad Waves Good - Change your surfing attitude

where do I sit when waiting for a wave?
Where do I sit when waiting for a wave? It's a question that is easy to ask, but difficult to give a clear answer to. Let's see if we can make sense of it.

Who Invented Surfing?
Who Invented Surfing? For non-surfers, this question may seem pointless, but for surfers who see the art of wave riding as a spiritual and cultural touch stone, laying claim to the invention of surfing is an important one.

Which way should I place my surfboard on my car racks?
Which way should I place my board on car racks? It’s been debated. However, simple aerodynamics and common sense prevails. Learn the proper way to position your board en route to your next session.

How to Take Care of Your Wetsuit
Surfing wetsuits can cost as much as 300 or even 500 bucks, so you need to be sure you know how to take care of your wetsuit.

What is a Pop Out Surfboard?
Pop out surfboards are surfboards that are built from a mold rather than shaped from scratch. The surboard mold is based on an original shape and then mass produced by way of an assembly line process. This is a far flung approach from the the surfboard's artisan roots but is a sign of the times.

What surfing exercises will get me back in the water fast?
A reader inquires about exercises that help you get back into surfing shape. Here are some simple surfing exercises that will get you back in the water and ripping quickly.

Can Larger People Surf?
Large People Surf Question - A reader recently asked if larger people can surf. The answer might surprise you...or it might not surprise you. It really all depends. Learn more.

Should I kick my feet when I paddle my surfboard?
Should I kick my feet while paddling my surfboard? That's a common question for beginning surfers.

How do I deal with localism when surfing?
Localism is something that all surfers have to deal with at some point. Localism can be harmless posturing but localism can also take more violent forms. Learn how to deal with localism.

What are the parts of a surfing wave?
Surfers use every part of a wave for surfing. So naturally, surfers have a neame for each part of a wave. Take a quick course in the parts of a surfing wave.

What do I pack for a surf trip?
Users share their comments and questions about packing for a surf trip.

What Do I Pack for a Surf Trip?
Surf trips aren't quite as simple as they used to be. But even with advanced equipment and a much more complicated and nuanced map of surf spots to choose from, surfers can still steal away with just a few basics.

The Surfer's Conundrum
Why can't most surfers remain as dedicated and true to their sport as others are to sports such as football, baseball, and golf?

What are other Forms of Surfing?
What are other Forms of Surfing? There are loads of ways ocean lovers can ride a wave or ride a board or launch an air. Although these other forms of surfing are varied and unique, they are all a blast.

What is "Dawn Patrol"?
For those unfamiliar with the term, “dawn patrol” refers to a surfer’s arrival at the beach at or just before sunrise. The inclusion of the word “patrol” is idiosyncratic with the common conception of the casual surf attitude; however, the connotation of some militaristic mission impossible is justified.

I’m a pretty good surfer. Why can’t I do well in contests?
I’m a pretty good surfer. Why can’t I do well in contests?

Can a Tail Patch Help my Surfing?
Help for surfers in need of answers?

Surfboard Tail Question
A question on surfboard design and surfboard tails

Can you surf at night?
It's a bit sketchy at times, but night surfing can be an enlightening adventure.

Should I throw my board when faced with a large oncoming wave?
Surfing FAQ: Should I throw my board when faced with a large oncoming wave?

How do I get ready for a surf trip?
FAQ's...How do I get ready for a surf trip? An article that teaches surfers how to prepare for their next surfing trip.

The Eternal Truths of Surfing
The Eternal Truths of Surfing. What real wave riders can depend on.

Are You a Kook?
Find out if you are a kook right here.

What is considered a good stance?
What is considered a good stance?

Surf Style
Surf Style is something mystical and beautiful. But what makes up a surfer's style? Jay DiMartino at About.com writes articles about surf style and culture.

When should I pull out (not catch a wave)?
When Not to Catch a Wave There is a critical moment when you should not catch a wave. Generally this is when a wave has formed into a C and is throwing water forward at high speed. If you catch the wave at this point, you'll be treated to a new experience: Going Over the Falls.

How can I stay safe while surfing?
Check out what Brave New World Surf Shop has to say.

What kind of board should I start on?
Check out what Brave New World Surf Shop has to say.

Does it matter what kind of wax I use on my surfboard?
Without the right wax, your session may simply slip away.

Is the ocean the only place you can go surfing?
There is hope for all you inlanders.

What is Surfing?
An answer to an unanswerable question?

Can the sun hurt my surfboard?
Click here and learn my friend.

Who gets the wave?
It's a question of priority.

How do I keep my board from flying out of my pickup bed?
A question of movement and restraint.

Can I use wax to seal a ding?
A common practice, but does it work?

Where are the biggest waves in the world?
They are big and nasty, and many of these spots were not even known 10 years ago.

A good transition board?
What to choose when you transition form a longboard to a shortboard.

What are the Different Types of Surfboard Wax
Surfboard wax has been a staple among surfers since the early 1900's, but changes and choice have taken this simple concept and diversified it into a more effective yet more confusing concept. So, what are the different types of surfboard wax? Read on...

Surfing's Greatest Rivalries: Paddle Versus Tow Surfing
Surfing big waves has always been the holy grail of surfing, but the concept of towing into waves made the grail something everyone could drink from. Paddle surfers did not take it lying down.

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