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Are You a Kook?


You’re Probably a Kook if…

---you have a tattoo of a surf industry sticker (for example: the Quiksilver mountain and wave.

---you have matching surf stickers all over your board, but you’re not sponsored.

---you have claimed a maneuver in waves under waist high (claims are sometimes reflex in big surf).

---you gave yourself a nickname like “Shredly” or “The Airman”.

---you continually ask others if they saw your last wave.

---you drop in on other surfers on purpose

---you think that being good at that Kelly Slater video game somehow translates into being a good surfer.

---when watching someone on video straighten out at huge Backdoor, you yell, “What a wuss! I would’ve pulled in.”

---you purposely drop in on other surfers (repeated on purpose).

---you think that anyone who rides a different board (long, short, fun shape, bodyboard) has less of a right to be riding waves than you.

---you actually utter the statement, “I was ripping today.”

---you leave the water for a cigarette.

---you hoot at yourself.

---you think you have the authority to write a list that explains why other people are kooks.

---you wear your rash guard as a regular shirt.

---you broke your board on a hop in knee high wave.

---you have never surfed without a leash.

---You are reading this list.

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