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How to Take Care of Your Wetsuit


To properly take care of your wetsuit, you need to adhere to a few easy guidelines. Read on:

Rinse, Hang, Repeat

If you want to get the most of your investment of anywhere from 200 to 500 bucks, make sure you religiously rinse your wetsuit with clean, fresh water after every day of surfing. It’s ideal to rinse after every session, but let’s get real. Then simply hang your wetsuit on a plastic hanger in a cool, dry area.

Quick caveats: avoid extreme heat and/or direct sunlight, especially for long periods of time. Sunlight can wreak havoc on both your suit and surfboard , so keep it cool. Also, don’t hang you suit like a shirt on the hanger. Instead, thread it through and hang it at the waist so it folds over and drips dry without stretching out the paddle weary shoulder seams.

Relax! Take it slow when getting in and out of your suit

It’s a common scenario. You're checking the waves or pulling up to the beach and the waves are pumping. You grab your suit and jump into it like a manic super hero. Or worse, you come running up the beach after a session, late for work, and you stretch and stomp you suit into the sand so you can get out of the car park on the road. Both situations can shred seams and stain your suit. Not cool! So instead, keep something like a plastic tarp or some kind of drop cloth in your trunk that you can stand on as you slowly disentangle yourself from your wetsuit.

Avoid Electric Dryers

It makes sense. You want to avoid putting on that freezing cold wetsuit. Why not just throw it in the dryer? This is a bad move, my friend. This excessive heat will age your suit considerably by breaking down the glues, weaken the seams, and dry out the elastic nature of your neoprene.

Surf A Lot!

You can’t go wrong here. Just like your muscles and tendons need to keep moving to stay loose and agile for optimal surfing, so does your wetsuit. So when you wife or husband or mom or whatever gives you grief about surfing all the time, say something like, “I am trying to retain the value in this investment” because a suit that stays hanging in your garage for a year will eventually get stiff and cracked and fail to retain its value as a surfing accessory.

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