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What surfing exercises will get me back in the water fast?


Surfing Exercise + Good Surfing

Modern surfing requires pure fitness

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Question: What surfing exercises will get me back in the water fast?
Question from a reader:

I haven't surfed or exercised in years but I really enjoyed it and really want to get back in to it. The toughest part of surfing was the paddling. I let myself go for a while and gained a lot of fat and lost a lot of muscle.

I just joined a gym and I'm very motivated to exercise and get back in shape. I've been working out for about a month now and my body has already changed dramatically.

I saw your article on "shoulder rotations for better paddling" and wanted to know if you could offer me any more tips or exercises that will work my shoulders so when I do get back out surfing?

Answer: There are loads of exercises that will strengthen your surfing muscles, specifically your shoulders, but let's keep it simple. There are three exercises that will keep in optimal surfing shape even when the waves are flat:


Push Ups

Jumping Rope

Swimming and Push ups will keep your shoulders and back strong. If these muscles are not worked regularly, your first surf session back after a hiatus will suffer (as will you).

Jumping Rope is perfect for leg strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination (all essential in surfing).

Do these exercises regularly when the waves are flat and alternate an hour in the gym and some skateboarding, and you are good to go on your next session.

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