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Surfing Related Ailments

Surfing is a fun, healthy sport for all ages; however, there are some health injuries that may arise from a life of surfing. Examples include chronic “surfer’s ear”, skin cancer, knee and back injuries, pterygia, and more. Check out articles and links below that will help surfers who are dealing with these health problems.

The Strong Board - Exercise Balance Board Review
I have reviewed several different boards in the past, but the newest incarnation from Strong Board looks to be not just the most solid and durable but board yet but also the most useful for training beyond simple surf specific balance exercise.

Surfing and Knee Injuries
Surfing is a relatively safe sport. Besides some skin cancer and shark attack risks and the occasional spinal injury from surfing gnarled up shore pound, the odds are you will make it back from the next session pretty well unscathed. However, knee injuries among surfers are common in today's high performance version of the sport.

New non Surgical Treatment for Pterigium
When surfers have really red eyes, most assume the worst. But in many cases, the red eyes are the result of pterygia. A pterygium is a painful and painfully ugly disease that affects the look, feel, and eventually the sight of the eye. But recent research is saying there might be non-surgical treatment coming...and maybe even a cure..

Portuguese Man-of-war and Surfing
Portuguese man-of-war can put a sting on you like no other. Seriously, stay away at all costs. Don’t play with them and seriously consider surfing another beach. Believe me! Growing up on the East Coast and then traveling throughout the Caribbean before spending many, many years all over Hawaii; I have learned that Portuguese man-of-war will ruin your session and might even ruin your day.

How to Treat a Stngray Sting
Stingrays can hurt a lot, and they CAN be deadly. However, for surfers, there are other things to worry about. That said, for less serious wounds, there are a few easy steps in tending stingray stings, so you can get back into the water pronto.

Yoga for Surfers III Unleashed!
Yoga for Surfers (Volumes I and II) provided effective yoga instruction mixed with energizing surf footage from world class surfers and Yoga for Board Sports focused on the muscles essential to modern surfing, Peggy Hall has now unleashed YFS III.

Yoga for Board Sports DVD
Yoga for Surfers (Volumes I and II) provided effective yoga instruction mixed with energizing surf footage from world class surfers. Now, Peggy Hall has released Yoga for Board Sports which focuses on the muscles essential to modern surfing (and other boards sports as well).

Top Surfing Injuries
Here's a list of the top surfing injuries. All sports bring along possible health dangers, but surfing is sometimes seen as a non-threatening activity. However, there are some common injuries a new surfer should be careful of.

Skin Cancer and Surfing
Skin cancer is a notorious issue among surfers. We'd rather not even discuss it because every serious surfer knows that he/she will have to pay the piper for all those epic sessions. Dedicated surfers wittingly put themselves at risk of developing skin cancer every single day. So how can we avoid this deadly disease? Read on.

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Surfing
For surfers, the sun is our life (for everyone really), but it can also be deadly. According to the National Cancer Institute, there were more than one million new cases of skin cancer in the United States in 2010. The only way to combat the sun is to wear proper sunscreen. Read on to learn how to choose the best sunscreen for surfing.

How to remove sea urchin spines from your feet
If your local surf spot is a warm water reef break, or you are planning to take a surf trip to the Caribbean or Bali, you will be bumping uglies with sea urchin spines soon enough. So how do you remove sea urchin spines from your feet?

Nipple Rash
Nipple rash? The term itself is graphic and screams of pain, but why does it happen? When does it happen? And most importantly, will it happen to you? Read on...

Surfer's Eye: Pterygium Treatment and Removal
As a lifelong surfer, I have suffered from pterygia for two decades and even had two surgeries. Here I detail pterygium causes and syptoms, and even recommend a great doctor whose innovative and unique approach to pterygium removal may have finally given me the white eyes I hoped for.

Hypothermia and Surfing
Hypothermia is a potentially deadly condition for surfers and boaters as the winter takes hold and the ocean comes alive. However, hypothermia is also an issue in the more temperate zones as well. Surfers need to understand what hypothermia is and how to avoid it. Read on my friends...

Sunburn Treatment
Surfing and sunburn are hopelessly intertwined. If you surf, you will get sunburned at some point, but what are some common sunburn treatments?

How to Treat Jelly Fish Stings
Surfers often encounter the stinging pain of jelly fish. Learn about the symptoms and treatment of jelly fish stings.

Surfer's Ear: Exostosis
Although this surfing ailment is commonly referred to as Surfer's Ear, the medical term is actually exostosis (which really means abnormal bone growth within the ear canal). Extended exposure to cold wind and cold water can result in abnormal bone growth that narrows ear canal with the possibility of complete blockage.

How to Avoid Surf Rash
Surf rash is part of surfing. You can't totally avoid it, but you can take a few steps to lessen its severity.

Eye Safety Tips for Surfers
Surfers live in the sun. Sunlight is very intense and the ultraviolet light can cause permanent, chronic yellowing (pinguecula) and redness (pterygium) in the whites of the eyes. Unprotected sun exposure increases risk of cataract development and macular degeneration. People with darker pigmented skin (Blacks, Hispanics, Asian) have high risk of sun causing permanent brown spots in whites of ey…

A Series of Surf Related Injuries
This article covers the gamut of all surf related illnesses and gnarly pathologies that may force surfers to stay on the beach or, even worse, to the operating room.

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