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Learn How to Surf-Beginner

So you want to learn how to surf? Well, learn how to surf at the beginning level right here on your computer. These original surf instruction articles will take you through the learning process from beginner to ripper in no time.
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Consider This before Teaching your Kid to Surf
This article is meant to inspire you and your kid to ride waves and have fun in a healthy way. Don’t go crazy. Stay cool and see if your kid likes it. He/she might not, and that’s cool too. So here are some ideas to take into consideration as you prepare to teach your kid to surf.

The Basics of Surfing Etiquette
Lots of folks write in with questions concerning the rules of surfing. Some carry the calm tone of a curious wave rider while others drip with anger and frustration stemming from a situation in the water. While recreational surfing isnt governed by hard and fast rules, there are some specific behaviors and guidelines that become understood once you spend a little time in the water, especially in a crowd. These are the basic guidelines (prompted by questions from readers) that will make your next surf session civil and drama free.

The Best Beginner Surfboard is the FunBoard
If you are a beginning surfer, don't be swayed by the infinite choices of surfboards out there. Go for a funboard. Read on to find out exact dimensions for your first board and how to buy a beginner surfboard.

How to Paddle Better
Better paddling will make you a better overall surfer. Paddling is how you get out quick, get in early, and snag waves from would-be wave hogs. Learn ho to become a better paddler now.

Surfing - Why it matters and why it doesn't
Surfing is no deep, dark secret. It's rather a bright, shining light for those lucky enough to love it. Let's explore our natural past time.

How to Improve your Paddling Power and Endurance - when you can't go surfing
Paddling is the backbone of surfing. You really paddle more than you actually surf, so it makes sense that being a strong paddler will help you become a better surfer. But sometimes, the ocean does not cooperate. Here are some non-surfing techniques to help you become a better paddler.

How to Choose a Surf School for your Child
Want to know how to choose a surf school for your child? There are a few simple criteria to look for to get your kid stoked and keep him safe.

Is Surfing the Right Sport for You?
Learning to surf seems like a no-brainer. Get a board and some shorts, and you're out there. Pretty simple, right? However, surfing isn't right for everyone. But how do you know if surfing is the right sport for you?

Surf Safety Tips
Staying safe while surfing is easy. Just be smart! Okay, that sounds a bit too simple. We all know the need to impress your friends or some girls on the beach can push seemingly intelligent folks into incredibly dangerous situations. Here are some easy guidelines to follow to keep you safe while surf.

How to Stand up on a Surfboard
How do you stand on a surfboard? Well, it's the most basic, elemental aspect of surfing (stand up surfing that is). It seems simple, but standing up on a surfboard can be quite complicated. Learn how to stand up on a surfboard now.

Surfing - An Introduction
Want to start Surfing? You don't have to be a superstar or surf scholar to get a big smile from waveriding. But if your planning to learn to surf, it might be helpful (or at least fun) to understand the journey you are about to take.

Different Types of Surfboard Wax
Surfboard wax has been a staple among surfers since the early 1900's, but changes and choice have taken this simple concept and diversified it into a more effective yet more confusing concept. So, what are the different types of surfboard wax? Read on...

Basic Surfing Rules
Don't let anyone tell you that surfing is a lawless free-for-all without structure or rules. This free-wheeling artform actually consists of basic surfing rules that govern all interaction. So what are the basic surfing rules?

How do I Teach My Child How to Surf?
Since ALL kids are islands unto themselves, nurturing a young love affair with surfing starts with you, the teacher. The key is patience, patience, patience. Don’t rush your little one into the water and on to a board. If he just wants to hang on the beach and build a sand castle then so be it. If your child feels frustrated or scared, this will only set your whole plan back a few steps.

How to Choose Your First Surfboard
Learn how to choose your first stick. You don't need some $500 museum piece to get your feet wet for the first time. However, there are some basic guidelines and ideas you will find in this article that will help you with this joyous decision.

How to Choose a Beginning Surf Spot
Please don't go to your local hotspot to get your first waves. Instead, check out this original article that details the best wave for starting out.

How to Paddle Your Surfboard
Learn how to correctly paddle out for your first session. It's not as easy as you think. This article will help.

How to Duckdive
Here, you'll find everything you need to get yourself past that seemingly impenetrable wall of whitewater. It's just like it sounds: duck and then dive.

How to Catch a Wave
This article details the subtleties of wave catching and will help to improve your wave-grabbing ability. once you get one, you will never be the same.

How to Stand Up on a Wave
The wave is an unpredictible surface to stand on, but this original article will get you to your feet and standing tall in no time.

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Surfers
Beginning surfers often make mistakes when learning the ropes of wave riding. Mostly, it's just a matter of technique, but there are a few common mistakes new surfers make that can not only affect their surfing performance but also their safety.

What skills do I need to be a good surfer?
What skills do I need to be a good surfer? Find out if you have what it takes to a great surfer?

How to Get More Speed
How do I get pump down a wave and get more surfing speed? This is a good question since there is no maneuver in surfing that is possible without speed (except maybe a wipeout). And pumping will give you all the speed you need. You especially need effective pumping when you are surfing small, mushy waves. These tips will help:

Beginner's Guide to Surfing
This link explores many of my same topics with a different look and feel. It is rather comprehensive and contains some good info.

Learn to Surf (Text only Tutorial)
The basics of the learning process. This link covers it clearly.

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