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How do I Teach My Child How to Surf?


How do I Teach My Child How to Surf?

This little guy is just getting used to his surfboard. Let your child ride on his belly a bit or even ride a bodyboard.

Jay DiMartino

Take it Slow:

Teaching a child how to surf is sometimes tricky. Since ALL kids are islands unto themselves, nurturing a young love affair with surfing starts with you, the teacher. The key is patience, patience, patience. Don’t rush your child into the water and on to a board. If he just wants to hang on the beach and build a sand castle then so be it. If your child feels frustrated or scared, this will only set your whole surfing plan back a few steps.

A Little Subliminal Priming Never Hurts:

1. Bring a surfboard along every time you go to the beach, and your child will eventually want to try it out.

2. Show him some surf movies and go to the local surf shop every once in a while

Keep your Child Safe:

If your child is between 3 and 8 years old (teaching a child much younger than 3 is pointless), I would recommend you suit him up with a thin life preserver. It will help build confidence and help your child feel better when the inevitable wipeout holds your precious one down for a few seconds.

Also, a soft board is an invaluable tool in helping build confidence. They run about $300-$400 new. Ask your local surf school or surf shop if they have used soft boards which can go for very cheap. Also, they are often rented at most bigger surf shops. They are very wide and buoyant, made of soft bodyboard material, and have dull flexible fins. All of these designs are geared towards bruise-free and blood-free surf sessions.

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