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Surf Video and Picture Galleries

Surf Video and surf pictures - Scope out all the photos and videoes of the latest surf action. Big waves, small waves, locals, and pros...I am sorting through the greatest and most radical surf video and pictures.
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Surf Movie Review - Loaded
Loaded stars Reynolds, Taylor Knox, Craig Anderson, Nat Young, Andrew Doheny and Noa Deane all mashed up with handwritten scribbles and seemingly non-surf music melding into a hipster montage in a blender on full speed puree.

Band Review - Wavves
Wavves makes me want to get waves. Wavves' music is a tragic blend of garage rock and early surf melodies punctuated by lyrics that sing the sad duplicity of party excess and spiraling depression. But believe it or not, it will stoke your surf fire.

Early Tom Curren Footage
In this clip, a 21 year Curren speaks with uncharacteristic clarity about the power and beauty of surfing.

How to Shape a Surfboard
Laurie Hohensee shows exactly how a surfboard is shaped. This video is very clear and simple and really illustrates the process.

Mad Wax with Ross Clarke-Jones
Am I the only one who looked for this? Mad Wax was a sick surf flick that told the story of a surfer who happened upon a magical wax formula that transported him to any surf break he wished for...Okay, it was quite cheese-ball but it was great. Ross Clarke throwing full rail turns when they weren't cool.

Straight Carving at Bells Beach
Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, and others throw down some big bottom turns and nasty lip blasts in an expression session that makes me want to go surf RIGHT NOW. Mind surfing at its best.

Longboarders and Shortboarders Enjoy Tiny Perfection in St. Augustine
St. Augustine Pier breaks over a shifty sandbar amid the picturesque splendor that is the nation's oldest city. These surfers were having a blast on these little gems.

East Coast Pics
More fun waves from the East Coast on a summer hurricane swell...clean waves, warm winds, and lots of fun.

Fake Waves/ Real Surfing at Typhoon Lagoon
Check out Matt De Sanctis shredding the psuedo-surf spot located just two hours from the nearest beach...Typhoon Lagoon.

Northeast Florida
Here are some random shots taken here in St. Augustine, FL. Not epic by any standards, but small fun days like this with some buddies in the water at my local beachbreak make for a fun session.

From Cold Cape Cod to Big Hot Waimea
Brenden Mccray sent in these pictures from the 05/06 winter. He caught the frigid barrels up in Cape Cod (Photos courtesy of Shaye Cavenaugh) and then hopped a jet for some North Shore juice.

The Surf Station
If you are looking for continuously updated local surf photos from one of Florida's premier surf zones, look no further. The Surf Station's photo forum is top notch, complete with video and color commentary.The local surfers have created a very cohesive surf scene.

Wicked Quiver
For East Coast photos and galleries, this blog delivers. I found this site recently and was amazed by the plethora of quality images available and being constantly updated. Yeah, I used the word "plethora".

Local Swell
Loads of photos...Based in Jersey.

Grant Rohloff Photography
Beautiful big-wave surfing photos and stock video to scope.

Tim Mckenna Photography
Boasting some serious Tahiti action!

Vince Cavataio Photography
Want big waves and lots of girls in bikinis? This is your site...Hawaiian backdrops and voluptuous models.

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