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Surf Trippin'--Surf Adventure Vacations and Travel

Surf travel takes a basic vacation to another level, so don't just sit there. Take a surf trip. Take a vacation, go travel, and go surfing! If you love vacations, you love surfing, and you love to travel, then you will enjoy these surf travel articles and links below. Surf trips are a part of the surfing adventure experience, so hop a flight and get your surf on.
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Top 5 Best Surf Spots in Florida
Surfing is Florida is frustrating, but like any stretch of coast, it has its moments and its jewels. Everyone knows Sebastian, but Florida can offer a lot more. Check out the top 5 best surf spots in Florida.

Kelly Slater and Greg Webber and The Future of Wave Pools
Wave pools have yet to change the game. Surfing in the ocean still rules, and chlorine and concrete is still for rubber pool toys. But can an 11-time world surfing champ and a renowned Aussie shaper change all that?

History of Wave Pools
Wave pools have occupied a problematic place in surfing history. The idea is pure heaven, but the execution has been a downright fiasco. It's proven impossible to create a perfect and profitable artificial wave with the resources and business models available. But that hasn't stopped folks from trying.

Cal Active
CalActive.com offers packages and all kinds of action packed alternatives for surfers (and all active folks). Click on the surfing picture and see all the wave riding potential for families and individuals in California. If you like kayaking or mountain biking or any of the other stuff they offer, get off your butt and go for it.

Peninsula Envy: Florida Surfing Explained
The Sunshine State rates on the surf-o-meter somewhere between Texas and Tahiti (Okay so it’s much closer to Texas), and its population bubbles with an uneasy amalgam of rednecks, tourists, and immigrants. At worst, Florida is retirement home that gets so hot in the summer that it’s almost unhealthy to leave your home before 5PM.The west coast is flat about ninety percent of the year, and the east coast is fickle even with a category 3 hurricane hovering off the coast

Surfing Cloudbreak – Tavarua, Fiji
If you have ever seen Cloudbreak spin off the reef miles offshore of the tiny island of Tavarua, then you have seen its perfection. It's one the world's great surfing wonders and the site of a yearly ASP championship event. Learn more...

Surf Travel: Africa
Mike Cianciulli shares his adventure, pain, and elation in search of surf in Africa, the Dark Continent.

Surf Travel: Ireland Break Map
Mapping this place is difficult, but this link does a damned good job.

Surf Travel: Caribbean for Visitors
William Todd will help you to plan your next surf (or non-surf) vacation down to the warm waters of the Caribbean. He has it all covered.

National Geographic Travel Magazine
Okay...So it's not just about surfing, but it is a beautiful site that often focuses on wave-rich regions of our world.

Global Surfers
A great resource for surfers looking to research specific spots, regions, or countries. Several informative and interactive features.

Surf Maps Galore
The largest collection of surf maps on the Internet.

Surf Portugal
Resources, articles, and travel info for this hot European wave zone.

Surf El Salvador
I have heard nothing but good reports from El Salvador...It's not "Combat Surfing" anymore. Friendly local and great waves.

Surf Panama
I hear some great things from Panama. In fact, my brother owns some land over there, and he's claiming lots of quality surf and minimal crowds (for now).

Blue Dolphin Surf Travel
Lots of waves to explore here in one convenient travel site.

Voyages Surfing Surfari
This site offers several boat trips throughout the Maldives. Check the related links for photos and info on on the waves and culture.

More Maldives
Surfline offers even more info here with some great maps and links.

From the bros at Quicksilver, a wonderful look at this decade's premier surf wonderland. After Curren and the Search boys filmed this Indian Ocean juice about ten years back, the surf world just can't get enough.

Surf Vancouver Island
Okay...So maybe you don't think Canada is an exotic destination, but with incredible scenery, cool locals, and some fun looking surf, why not?

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