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Best Surf Movies Ever


In God's Hands

For the most part, In God's Hands is God awful. Shane Dorian, while being one of the most incredible surfers on the planet, has all the acting range of a foam blank. His supporting cast of Shaun Tompson, Darrick Doerner, and Matt George would be great if this were a typical surf flick. Instead, this is a Hollywood film directed by Zalman King (91/2 Weeks and Wild Orchid).

It's an introspective and international journey of a surfer who is struggling with his success on the pro tour and his inner need to be a big wave soul surfer. Actually, that sounds kind of cool, but it doesn't feel good having to suffer through it in the theater.

Again, the surfing is wonderful and the visuals explode, but the acting and storyline pour over you like a vat of warm mayonaise

The bottom line is that we are lucky to have these films at all. Surfing is an art that cannot be described and only the most uncanny writers and directors can hope to translate it into dialogue that doesn't make the viewer laugh out loud. Just try and explain surfing to a non-surfing friend, and you will feel the frustration of the these filmakers. It's easier to put it in the words of Spicolli: "All I want is a cool buzz and tasty waves". I think he speaks for us all...

If you have other suggestions for memorable surf movies or disagree with my opinions, contact me at surfing@aboutguide.com.

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