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The Surfboard Section

The surfboard is the conductor of the ocean's energy that we, as surfers, spend our lives riding, dinging, waxing, and saving for. Here, we will begin with anatomy and history and move into design.

The Best Beginner Surfboard is the FunBoard
If you are a beginning surfer, don't be swayed by the infinite choices of surfboards out there. Go for a funboard. Read on to find out exact dimensions for your first board and how to buy a beginner surfboard.

Which fins are best? FCS or Futures?
Fins keep your board on track and allow you to push your turns deep into the pit, but with two solid fin companies (FCS and Futures) vying for your cash, how can you choose? I try to make sense of it all.

The 5 Greatest Surfboard Shapers of All Time
How can you judge artists? How can I claim to pick the world's best surfboard shapers ever? It’s not a perfect list mainly because shaping is an art form and it’s not impossible to completely gauge the subjective value of art. However, here is my best attempt.

What are the most popular surfboard fin setups?
What are the most popular surfboard fin setups? Today's surfers have endless design options, but modern surfboards have settled in on 5 basic fin setups. Learn more.

What is a foilboard or hydrofoil Surfboard?
You might have seen the commercials and the images of a surfers somehow floating high above the water's surface. That, my friends, is foilboarding. What what the heck? What is a foilboard or hydrofoil Surfboard?

What is a Tow-in Surfboard?
The tow-in surfboard has become the ubiquitous tool of serious big wave surfers since the late 90's. Surfers from Hawaii to Tasmania to Portugal are breaking down boundaries that were beyond our imaginations. But what make a tow-in surfboard so effective for big waves?

Surf Mats - A Short History
Before the modern surfboard, there was the surf mat. Developed in Australia but exploded in America,the surf mat has become a unique and slowly growing niche in the wave riding universe.

Surfers Dig Their Surfboards
Surfers dig their surfboards, no doubt. They love their feeling. Their Smell. Their energy. For a surfer, a surfboard becomes like an extension of the body, a conductor of the soul. Surfers dig their surfboards and that is a scientific fact.

What is Surfboard Foil?
What is Surfboard Foil?

What's the best surfboard for small waves?
Most surfers spend their days riding small waves. That's the sad reality, but many wave riders fail to take advantage of the numerous surfboard variants that can greatly enhance their small wave surfing experience. So, what's the best surfboard for small waves?

The History of the Surfboard Fin
The history of the surfboard fin illuminates the journey from wave sliding of the Ancient Hawaiians to today's explosive aerial acrobatics in addition to how the creative vision of surfing craftsmen changed the way we surf. Read on...

Foil? Surf shop employees are always going on about foil to would-be surfboard buyers. To which, most buyers just nod and smile. But what is foil? Read on...

Polyurethane or Polystyrene foam? Which makes a better surfboard?
What type of surfboard foam should you chose? Polyurethane or polystyrene? Most surfers are confused as to their significance. The decision used to be simple. Polyurethane foam is cheap and available, so it was the industry standard. End of story. But alternatives like epoxy resin and polystyrene foam floated to the top of the options. But what's best? Polyurethane or polystyrene?

Do Surfboards Need to Cure?
We've all heard our shapers say, "Let your surfboard cure a few days before you ride it, mate." Okay, my shaper doesn't call me mate, but you get what I mean. Is curing a real thing or is it simply a myth? If your shaper doesn't want to show you your board until it's finihsed curing is another issue altogether. Either way, read on and learn...

Concave Surfboards
Concave surfboards have been around since the 50's, but how do concave surfboards work? Learn more...

Causes of Delamination
Learn about the causes of surfboard delamination.

Gloss Coat
A gloss coat sounds indulgent and for some it is, but what is it? Read on...

How to Buy a Used Surfboard
Why learn how to buy a used surfboard? The benefit to buying a used surfboard is that it will be much cheaper and (as a beginner) you will feel much less remorse as you ding and destroy said surfboard. Plus, buying a used board is better for environment. Therefore, here are a few tips to keep in mind when you buy a used surfboard

What is an epoxy surfboard?

How and Why do Quad Fin Surfboards Work?
Quad fin surfboards began their assent in the early eighties, finding legitimacy under the feet of Glen (Mr. X) Winton and have found new significance as the board of choice among modern surfing's elite in both small and big surf. The question is: Why and how do quad surfboards work.

Alaia Board
In the history or surfing, no surfboard has richer roots or a more surprising rebirth than the Hawaiian alaia boards Dating back to a time when just a few lucky souls peppered Waikiki Beach, alaia boards are surfing's first hotgod model when compared to the longer, heavier olo boards.

What Makes a Shortboard a Shortboard?
The high performance shortboard is the weapon of choice for the world's top surfers. But what makes a shortboard a shortboard? How is it different from a longboard or fish?

Fish Surfboards and Funboards
About a decade ago, the fish surfboard rose from the ashes of the 70's, offering surfers another option. The fish boasts loads of speed and maneuverability, but what makes a fish surfboard a fish surfboard? Also, the fish's strange older and more boring cousin, the funboard, is still another alternative to the average shortboard.

Gearing Up for Summer
With summer fast approaching, you need to get outfitted with the right equipment. There are fish and longboards and short boards and hybrids. All the choices can make your head spin. But what's the right board for you and what will work best this summer surf season? Based on my reviews, here are the boards I think will help you catch the most waves and rip the hardest this summer.

How to Fix a Surfboard Ding
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro, you're going to ding your surfboard. And with minor dings, you don't want to drop your surfboard off at a surf shop to get it fixed. It could take days and cost you valuable surf time. So learn how to fix a surfboard ding and save money and time in the process.

Parts of a Surfboard
Your surfboard is made up of several parts. Each section or part of a surfboard has a specific purpose. Understanding these parts is important when buying a new or used surfboard.

Green Surfboards at a Glance
Although surfers have a rep for being reef hugging hippies, they have in fact added much to fuel our over heated climate. For decades we have been ripping through polyurethane foam blanks coated in petrochemical solvents and polyester resin and wrapped in fiberglass.

Some Background of the Surfboard
The surfboard originated in Polynesia back around 400 A.D. Then the Hawaiians made huge surfboards from island trees. But it didn't take long for these magic carpets to land in the states.

Surfboard Question - What is Tracking?
A surfboard that tracks is not responsive and may be very difficult to turn. Learn more about surfboard tracking.

How a Surfboard is Shaped
Have you ever wondered how a real surfboard is shaped? It's an art that is being pushed out by the use of software and shaping machines, but there are some craftsmen still out there like Charles Williams of Impact Surfboards. Here, he shows us how to shape a surfboard.

How to Refresh an Old, Tired Surfboard
When a surfboard has been ridden hard and long, it eventually loses its vitality, but this article explains how a surfer can easily infuse an old board with new life.

Surfboard Care 101
Here are the rules to live by if you want to get the most out of your board and keep it looking sharp and performing well for as long as possible. If you are a top pro and get new boards for free, you may skip this article. If you are among the 99.9% of us who don't, check it out.

The Hydrodynamics of Surfboard Design
A little heavy on the jargon, but this article is very cool in terms of explaining the science behind surfboard performance. Check it out, and learn why your boards behave the way they do.

How to Build Your First Surfboard
No Joking. If you want to do it for the first time, Steve is your man.

Step-by-Step Shaping Tutorial
"Hands, Brain, and Soul" is a wonderful document for someone with no knowledge of the shaping process. As a bonus, it's written by Dave Parmenter, one our greatest surf-culture authors living today. Very Cool and Comprehensive!

Surfboard Anatomy (expanded)
Parmenter offers up much more information in this comprehensive group of articles that covers every bit of our beloved blade.

Quick Boards
This resource links surboard buyers with surboard sellers in the same geographic area. There are a large number of boards stretching from Hawaii all the way to the East Coast. The surfboard classifieds is free for everyone and was built to be a resource for the surfing community.

The History of the Surfboard
In the history of the surfboard, there have been many incremental progressions in its development, but only a few fundamental changes since the “golden age” of the sport. The big changes in surfboard history fall under the following categories: material, weight, size, and fins. From 12 foot, finless, wooden planks to 5 foot, 5 fin, epoxy blades weighing a mere few pounds, we've seen a monumen…

How to Describe Surfboard Fins
You can describe a surfboard in a few ways. As a surfer, it's helpful to understand how fins work and how to describe them when your next surfboard.

How to Make your Surfboard Faster
How do you make your surfboard faster? That's the age-old question (as old as surfing is at least), but there are only a few ways to do it. If you want to achieve that secret and all important speed element, it's really pretty easy. check it out.

Polyurethane Foam
Polyurethane foam is now just one of the many options for surfboard construction, but for a time few ventured far from its ease and price. Polyurethane is light and easily shaped. Learn more...

How to Choose a Longboard Surfboard
Longboard surfboards are insane for riding small waves. They are also great for beginning surfers. So, if you are looking to buy yourself a longboard, grab a gander at this handy piece that will help you choose the best board for you.

How To Fix a Small Ding
Specific materials and directions for minor ding repair.

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