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How to Shape a Surfboard


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The Art of Surfboard Shaping and Design
How to Shape a Surfboard

The Surfboard Blank

Watching your surfboard as it's shaped is a bit like watching your baby being born...just a little. If you haven’t stood in the shaping room during this wondrous birth and felt foam dust waft up your nostrils as it blank to fully designed, you are missing out on a special moment. It takes the relationship between you and your surfboard to a deeper level, and may just lift your surfing to another level.

So if you have never watched a lifeless hulk of surfboard foam transformed into something magical, this is your chance to do it. To walk you through the surfboard shaping and design process, I enlisted none other than big wave charger and master shaper of Impact Surfboards, Charles Williams, as he sculpted one more magic stick, adding to his already impressive list of thousands of boards that includes standard high performance surfboard models, big wave guns, tow-in boards, stand-up paddle boards, longboards, and even classic balsa boards.

At the Impact Surfboard factory down in Ft. Pierce, Florida, Charles Williams has been quietly shaping insane surfboards for hardcore surfers for more than 25 years. Hang out with Charles as he takes us through the process from a rough blank to a completed surfboard design ready for glassing.

Above, Charles starts with a standard foam blank.

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