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How to remove sea urchin spines from your feet


Question: How to remove sea urchin spines from your feet
Answer: Warm water and craggy reef crevices make for cozy homes for sea urchins. Their sharp spines protect urchins from predatory creatures (and wayward surfers), but they generally cause little harm beyond pain and possibility of infection. The problem is that sea urchin spines often break off under the skin. That begs the question: How do you remove sea urchin spines from your feet? Legend says that human urine will treat both jellyfish stings and sea urchin issues. That may be, but try distilled white vinegar instead. First, try to pick out as many of the pieces as you can with a knife, needle, or preferably tweezers. Soak the area in pure vinegar (a solution of hot water and vinegar will work as well), which will soften the spines. The urchin spines will either dissolve under the skin or lift to the surface. Continue to soak the affected area until the spines are gone.

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