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Learn How to Forecast Waves on Your Own

Free, informative articles that teach the art of surf forecasting complete with tons of tools and links to ensure you get the best waves and understand the ocean around you.

The Math and Science behind Wave Forecasts
Surf forecasting has gotten easy these days, but the forecasts usually disagree. Which one should trust? Trust yourself. Learn how to forecast waves yourself. Learn the math and science behind wave forecasts

Internet Surf Forecasting - Made Easy
If you are going to surf the Internet, then at least allow the Internet to find you some surf. Finding out when and where the waves will be within the next few days or next few hours is quite simple. Read more...

Wave Watch
This is the future in surf forecasting! I have been digging on this site for a while with its flash animated surf forecasts (that refresh real-time). The bottom line is that Wave Watch is free, yet it provides all the services of other premium surf sites like 24 hour forecasts that show temperature, weather, swell direction and intensity with a detailed narrative to explain all the data.

Cams and Reports
Want to check the surf near you? Loads of live video feeds, camera stills, and text reports from all over the world are right here.

World Buoy Reports
From NOAA, buoy reports from around the world. These reports are essential in forecasting. While the wave maps found in my other links give great general swell information, the buoy reports give specific information on the waters off your favorite beach.

Storm Surf
This site is wonderful for those who enjoy the surf forecasting process. It's like being a scientist or investigator. There are many nuances to understanding waves are their behavior, and this site covers everything for the novice or pro.

Magic Seaweed
Another great and easy way to get current surf conditions and detailed forecasts for waves in your hometown or across the world. Currently, Magic Seaweed is running surf forecasts for 66 Countries in 37 surfing regions covering 487 surf spots. Their 7-day surf forecasts and surf charts are updated every six hours.

"Wanna Surf" Forecasting Links
Here you have many wonderful maps and other cool tools all nicely grouped and categorized to ensure you get the most out of your session

NOAA Homepage
It doesn't get any more comprehensive than this. Here is the grandaddy of surf forecasting and weather information. Cruise around this site, and you'll be amazed at what you can learn.

NOAA Image of the Day
This is for people like me who love the weather. It's an updated image of an awesome weather event currently happening in our world. Sometimes you'll find cyclones, tornadoes, volcanoes, wildfires, etc. It's a lot of fun.

How Do We get Waves?
A cool, interactive tutorial from Surfline and Sean Collins that details the terminology and rationale behind wave forecasting.

Text Forecasts from Surfline/Surfermag
Clear, focused text that gives forecasts for several points of interest up to a week in advance.

Ocean Weather Inc.
This site provides lots of professional grade surf data that can be used in conjunction with NOAA like winds speeds, surface temperature, swell models, etc.

Fabulous Florida Forecast from the Swami
The Swami from Surfguru.com is on the money when it comes to foreseeing Florida waves.

Surf Size Now (Geat Animation!)
This is one of the most interesting surf forecasting sites I've seen. Very interactive. It focuses mainly on England presently, but you can also find tutorials and games and an expanded forecast in the near future.

East Coast Surf Forecast
If you live on the East Coast, it doesn't get any easier than this to check tomorrow's surf or even plan a session for next week.

Hawaii Surf Forecasting
There is some seriously serious things going on here with reports and cams. This site offers great information for anyone venturing into Hawaiian waters. Be safe!

Northern California Forecast
Very specific forecast here for the great cold north swells that pound this wave rich area.

South Carolina Forecast
If your living in South Carolina, this would be essential for checking the surf, so know before you go.

Swell Window
The definition of swell window as pertaining to surfers.

Low-pressure System
Low-pressure systems (lows) may seem like ominous precursors to destructive weather, but when you are a surfer, nothing strikes hope into your heart like a spiraling low-pressure system meandering off the coast. Read more...

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